Saturday, August 27, 2011

Barbie Hsu faints, causes panic among family members

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu fainted a few days ago, shocking her sister Dee Hsu, who was also present. The actress was immediately rushed to the hospital upon collapsing.

In a blog post after she regained conscious, Barbie wrote, "My body is weak and my mood is down. After a life and death battle, I finally woke up. Everyone, remember to cherish your family, friends and loved ones!"

Her husband, Wang Xiaofei, immediately replied to her post.

"My lovely wife has been busy with work and is in poor health. She suddenly fainted after arriving in Taipei days ago and was rushed to the hospital. I went over to keep her company and thankfully, it was just a case of low blood sugar. I was shocked while listening to the family talk about the collapse. I have been very busy lately and have little time for her. Feeling guilty..."

However, media speculations are rift that Barbie's fainting spells could be related to earlier news of her miscarriage.

Barbie's mother clarified, "Her collapse could be due to her vegetarian diet. She has been doing a lot of yoga after returning to Taiwan. At the moment, her condition has improved."

Conversely, Dee Hsu had different ideas about her sister fainting spells, hinting that there might be another cause for her weak health.

"Her body is giving out a warning signal and the cause (of her collapse) has to be determined as soon as possible," she said.



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