Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox: Episode 6

Marveling at the ring on her finger, Mi-ho declares that she is Dae-woong’s girlfriend. And he can’t help but give a smile in response. They then bump their ringed fists together, sealing their deal. Immediately, Mi-ho jumps up and mentions that there was also always something she wanted to do once she got a boyfriend. She dashes off and arrives... dressed as a bride!

She starts to bow, but Dae-woong stops her mid-bow, horrified that she is trying to marry him when all he said was that he would be her boyfriend. He starts walking away, but stops midway when Mi-ho asks he wants to mate instead. He laughs nervously, and Mi-ho mistakes it that he wants to mate with her. He declares that he would rather throw up the fox bead than mate with a gumiho. But Mi-ho just smiles at his futile gestures of playing hard-to-get.

Left with no other option, Dae-woong decides to beat her at her own game: he grabs her and backs her up against the wall, leaning in close, asking her if thei is what she wanted. In his mind, she retreats shyly, saying she was just kidding… However, Mi-ho instead grabs him into a hug that sends him running away, begging for mercy.

Dae-woong tries to set some ground rules with Mi-ho, explaining to her that their arrangement is more of a contract than an actual relationship. She promises not to do anything he does not want, so he requests that she stop looking at him like she is going to eat him up.

In the middle of the night, Dae-woong is woken up by sounds of Mi-ho crying. It turns out that the reason she is crying is because she used a permanent marker to draw her wedding makeup, and now it would not come off. Dae-woong checks her face to see the damage, and then goes online to find a way to take it off. He manages to fix her fixes her face. She tells him she wanted to paint her face like that and get married five hundred years ago, but because of all the bad rumors, no one came, and she got locked up in that painting.

The next day, Byung-soo decides to tell the director about Dae-woong’s injuries, but he finds out that that Dae-woong is not only healed, but also performing action stunts that meet the director’s expectation. Dae-woong convinces Byung-soo that he is fine. Byung-soo notices the couple ring on his finger, which he promptly tells Sun-nyeo. Sun-nyeo runs to check Hye-in’s finger, to see if she’s got a matching ring. Hye-in huffs at the mention that Dae-woong would have another girl other than her.

Mi-ho visits Dong-joo, showing off her couple ring and telling him that people only give these when they like somebody. He counters that Dae-woong does not see her as a human, nor does he have any reason to like her. To try and prove him wrong, Mi-ho starts to lists all the things Dae-woong praised her for: like her super-speed and strength. He retorts that those abilities are not so important in a world with cars and airplanes. Dong-joo warns her not to rely too much on her looks and throw herself at Dae-woong. He advises her to try and do stuff that Dae-woong wants to do.

So back at home, Mi-ho attempts to ask Dae-woong what he wants, but he just wants her to be quiet while he learns his lines. Interrupted by workers ready to clear out the attic room where they are staying, they head out and run into the chicken shop lady. Dae-woong is surprised to see that Mi-ho has made friends in the neighborhood. He’s proud of her, until his phone rings and it is Dong-joo calling, he is looking for Mi-ho. Dae-woong’s jaw drops as she answers the phone cheerily to talk to this unknown man (to him).

Mi-ho tries to sneak off, but Dae-woong tells her to talk right there in front of him. But she steps away and is smiling and looking coy while talking on the phone to Dong-joo, causing Dae-woong’s blood pressure to rise. Dae-woong stalks over and wonders if they are really close as Mi-ho calls Dong-joo her friend. Frustrated, Dae-woong tells her that Dong-joo should not be calling his phone to talk to her. She agrees and says that she should just go visit him instead.

At the bus stop, fellow commuters are marveling Mi-ho’s beauty while she is busy staring at a picture of beef. One of the male commuters who is also waiting for the bus gets up to talk to her. Dae-woong steps up to Mi-ho, glancing sideways angrily, and puts his arm around her right in front of the guy, sticking his hand out to show the ring.

On the bus, they sit separated by the aisle, another guy sees Mi-ho and decides to sit next to her. Eagle-eyed Dae-woong notices him and beats him to the seat, silently taking her hand and holding it up, displaying their matching rings. Oblivious, Mi-ho asks why he is sitting next to her now, when he kept telling her to keep her distance from him. He replies that he is doing it selflessly to save humanity from her. Go Min-yeo, a high school junior of Dae-woong’s, interrupts them.

Now it is Mi-ho’s turn to stake her jealous claim. Min-yeo asks for Dae-woong’s new phone number, but when he reaches for his phone, Mi-ho grabs his ring hand and holds it up defiantly. Seeing the gesture and rings, Min-yeo apologizes for intruding when he was with his girlfriend, and leaves.

Mi-ho muses that the ring is quite handy, having the power to send any unwanted girls running in the opposite direction. Dae-woong assures her that he is not that easy, and declares that no matter how popular he always was he only ever had eyes for one girl, Hye-in. Mi-ho frowns and asks why he did not maje her his girlfriend. And he lets slip that he was going to with rings and all. It dawns on Mi-ho that the rings was not hers to begin with and pouts. Dae-woong tries to assure her that they are not rejection rings, as he never even got to tell Hye-in or give her the rings. He tries to apologize in a reverse-psychology sort of way by telling her that he will take off his rings than, which Mi-ho promptly stops him from doing so.

Dae-woong takes Mi-ho with him to class as he felt bad leaving her outside. Mi-ho is very excited, yet nervous, to be going to class like a real human. So Dae-woong goes to get her some bubbly water (lemon-lime soda). Outside, he runs into Hye-in. She tries to check out his ring finger, but he quickly hides his hand, pulling the ring off which causes it to drop to the ground. In a panic, he quickly kicks it under the soda machine. Upon seeing his bare hand, Hye-in smiles to herself. He fishes for the the ring once she’s gone, while she heads to the lecture hall with a sandwich for him, missing Mi-ho sitting inside.

Dae-woong lies to Hye-in that classes got cancelled and rushes her back out, when she offers to attend class with him. So Hye-in decides that she wants to take him out to lunch, so Dae-woong rushes back to Mi-ho and lies to her that he has an errand to run. Alas, to his dismay, Hye-in wants to drive out for lunch, he gulps, wondering if it’ll be okay.

Meanwhile, Mi-ho gets kicked out when she accidentally raised her hand in class while catching a fly. So she ends up waiting for Dae-woong outside. She heads home on her own when he does not show up. It is at this juncture, on her way home, that Director Ban spots her while dropping Sun-nyeo off. Mi-ho, recalling Dae-woong’s instructions, flees. Director Ban gives chase in his car, but she manages to give him the slip. However, her heart races, and she gets flushed, making her wonder if there is something wrong with her.

Back at the restaurant, Dae-woong gobbles his meal with lightning speed, and runs back to the lecture hall only to find it empty.

Clutching at her heart and saying that something is wrong with her, Mi-ho has gone to Dong-joo. He explains that she is slowly becoming human, and that is what it feels like to hurt, adding that human beings hurt easily, and often. He asks if she can endure it, and she smiles, happy to hear that she is taking on human characteristics, and insists that she can handle it. He cooks her a steak.

Back home, Dae-woong also prepares a plate of meat, and waits for Mi-ho. He even prepares an entire tray full of chilled bubbly water for her. Tired of endless waiting, Dae-woong finally heads down to wait for her outside. But on his way down the stairs, he sees Mi-ho walking in with Dong-joo. He is s surprised that Dong-joo looks like a normal guy. He sulks when he overhears Mi-ho telling Dong-joo how much she loved the meat he cooked for her. She asks if the meat was expensive, and when he answers that it was, she muses that Dae-woong would not be getting it for her. Dong-joo then puts his hand on her forehead to check her temperature, making Dae-woong jealous.

She runs off to find Dae-woong, and finds him grilling meat in a bad mood because she had eaten expensive meat elsewhere with another man, before coming home. She smiles, knowing that he overheard her conversation with Dong-joo. Dae-woong chastises Mi-ho for pretending to be a sickly weak girl, putting on an act to get expensive steak. While he’s busy being righteously indignant, Mi-ho notices that he no longer has his ring on. They head back to school and she lifts up the soda machine for him to retrieve his ring.

He tries forget why the ring was not on his finger, but Mi-ho relentlessly asks how did the ring end up there. Left with no other choice, Dae-woong tells Mi-ho that he took the ring off as he did not want Hye-in to see it. Realizing that Dae-woong had left her in school to hide her from Hye-in. Mi-ho is upset and hurt that he does not think of her the same way that she does. She asks him what he wants, and he declares that there is he would want from a gumiho. With a stricken look on her face, she wonders if all he wants from her is her fox bead. He asks her why ask if she already knew that that was the truth, and walks away, leaving her deflated.

Determined to find out the truth, Hye-in decides to head over to Dae-woong’s place to clear up this couple ring mystery once and for all.

Dae-woong, unable to sleep, looks outside, and is shocked to find Mi-ho drunk, with her tails hanging out. Dae-woong realizes that Mi-ho is heavily intoxicated, as there were even soju bottles amongst the beer cans. He asks her to keep her tails, and Mi-ho is so happy that she is finally asked to do something that she happily complies in her drunken state. She asks him what else he wants, and he gets her to hammer a nail with her bare hand, howl at the neighbor’s dog to shut him up, and kill the mosquitoes.

As Hye-in is on her way up, Mi-ho smells her coming and informs Dae-woong that Hye-in is on the way up. With that she steps up on the ledge with her hands out and declares that she is going to give him something that he really wants because she likes him. Just as Hye-in enters behind him, and when he turns, Mi-ho jumps off the ledge and disappears. Realizing that Mi-ho is gone, he rushes over calling her name. Although he sees Hye-in, he brushes past her to find Mi-Ho.


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