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My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox: Episode 5

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox > Episode 5 [Watch it]
The next morning Dae-woong assumes that Mi-ho is out scavenging trashcans. It does not occur to him that she has left him for good. As the beef remains untouched for some time, he slowly recalls seeing Mi-ho when he was drunk the night before. But he does not remember the part where he told her to leave. When he accidentally drops a bag on is foot, he wonders why it hurts and comes to the conclusion that he does not have the bead’s protection, which would mean that Mi-ho is gone. He rushes outside to find her, but to no avail.

He comes back into the house with a disappointed look and posture slumped, it almost looks like he is going to cry tear… of joy. He basks in his new found freedom and quickly packs his things ready to leave the place, just in case Mi-ho comes back looking for him. While packing he discovers Mi-ho’s hidden stash of chicken coupons that is just short of 1 (10 needed). Although he is touched by the gesture, he snaps out of it and heads off, unaware that Mi-ho is watching him. Suddenly, despite the clear skies, it rains and Dae-woong stops, thinking that it is Mi-ho, only to realize that it was just a man washing his car. When more rain pours down, he turns to complain to the car washer but there is nobody.

Even though he acts happy Dae-woong cannot shake off his unsettled feelings, that he actually misses Mi-ho. He tells Grandpa that Mi-ho left on her own accord and that he did nothing wrong. Grandpa is dismayed as he credited Dae-woong apparent maturity to Mi-ho. When Hye-in calls Dae-woong, he rushes to her side. She tells him not to get too involved with Mi-ho even is she were to return, and gets upset when Dae-woong complains that it was rude of Mi-ho to leave the way she did without even informing him. Although he insists that he is thrilled Mi-ho is not around, he is not quite convincing.

Meanwhile, Mi-ho, having found her way to the university and keeps out of the sight of humans, and even empties the soda vending machine. With her fox bead back, her powers are also back, enabling her to move speedily and glide in the air. This terrifies students who come across her in the darkened areas of the school: meat disappears and things suddenly fall over.

Mi-ho runs when she spots Dong-joo in the school. However, he manages to catch up with her and even knocks her out and extracts her fox bead. Dae-woong, unaware of what has happened to Mi-ho, is celebrating his movie role. His smile soon leaves his face when Byung-soo asks him if Mi-hoo knows the good news.

Night soon falls and Dae-woong drops by the action school in hopes of finding Mi-hoo there. He even brings along some beer. He tries to figure out what made her leave and starts to drink the beer.

Mi-ho awakens to find herself in Ding-joo’s apartment, where he presents her with 2 vials: one containing her fox bead and the other his blood. He offers her a choice: the read vial containing his blood will be able to kill her gumio side, while if she were to take the blue one she would have to return to the temple.

Dae-woong meets with a minor accident when a motorcyclist collides into him. At the doctor’s, he is advised to take it easy for his weak bones as he was recently in a huge accident. If he were to injure himself in this condition, he might never be able to walk again. Worried about his movie role, Dae-woong comes to the realization that it was Mi-ho’s bead that was keeping him healthy; he needs her.

Hungry, Mi-ho goes out to eat beef and packs away 10 servings. As she has no money to pay for it, she washes the dishes to earn her food. Meanwhile Dae-woong returns to the action school loft hoping to search for clues about Mi-ho’s whereabouts, but the only thing he finds are the chicken coupons. He then remembers that Mi-ho had left because he asked her too.

Hence, Dae-woong tries calling the temple to inquire if the missing fox from the painting has shown up. He even calls the number he got when Mi-ho first left him a voicemail in the first episode, but it is answered by the lady who owns the chicken restaurant.

Mi-ho finally finds a tenth coupon and heads back to the action school loft, to add it to Dae-woong’s stash. Glumly, she figures he won’t come back here anymore, and says, “I really, really miss Dae-woong.” While she is thinking, Dae-woong races back towards the loft, after having spoken to the chicken lady. Mi-ho catches his scent as he is running towards the school loft. She asks him if he was looking for her, and is happy that he says yes. He continues on that he was happy when she left initially, but it was only for a while, Mi-ho is touched, unaware that De-woong is doing this because he needs her fox bead.

Mi-ho asks him if he would like to hold on to her fox bead for a while longer, no bothering about the reason why Mi-ho is offering him her fox bead, he readily accepts. As the bead is with Dong-joo, Mi-hoo has to retrieve it from his apartment. So while M-hi is retrieving her fox bead, Dae-woong goes home to pack his stuff to move back in to the loft again.

Although Mi-ho has made her decision, humanity, Dong-joo asks what she would she do if Dae-woong runs to another woman during the 100 days he has to keep her bead. Mi-ho replies that she trusts him. Dong-joo tells her that the woman she resembles also answered in that way, but she died in the end, and asks again if she is sure of her decision. Mi-ho nods her head. Accepting her choice, Dong-joo advices her not to tell Dae-woong that she is trying to become human, in order to keep him from running away too readily. So basically, when she drinks Dong-joo’s blood she will slowly start to die:
her gumiho energy will slowly empty away while her bead will live in the human for 100 days, taking in his energy. When she reclaims her bead, she will become human.

Back at the loft, Mi-ho confirms with Dae-woong if e is willing to keep her bead again. He eagerly agrees, but she warns him that while he carries her bead, he cannot run far away, share his ki with another, cannot quit mid-way and stay with her for 100 days. Dae-woong is alarmed that he will have to stay with her for 100 days, as she is not even his girlfriend, to which Mi-ho exclaims that she will be his girlfriend! He refuses initially but finally agrees to this arrangement.

Dae-woong tells her, “Since I’m a human, I’ll do this human-style. Gu Mi-ho, please be my girlfriend.” And with that, he slides the couple ring on her finger, and she marvels at it happily. In fact, she’s so happy that her nine tails pop out.


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