Saturday, September 17, 2011

Show Luo denied entry into casino

The Taiwanese pop star was suspected to be underage at an American casino. Dubbed the 'Asian Dancing King', Taiwanese singer Show Luo has been reaping in big bucks in recent years.

Two weeks ago, the pop star held a concert tour in the US with performances in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and attracted more than 25,000 concertgoers. After his concert in New York, Show wanted to bring his buddies -- dubbed the Party Boys -- to a casino initially. However, he was denied entry because he was suspected to be underaged.

The singer's entourage was forced to leave since Show forgot to bring out his passport and had no other identification documents with him. Despite being turned away, Show laughed and said, "I'm really happy that someone actually thought I'm that young."

The group ended up going for a meal and did some catching up instead. According to previous Taiwanese media reports, if each ticket for his US shows was sold at USD$100 (SGD$124), it was estimated that the singer would have bagged at least NT$75 million (SGD$200,000) on this recent tour.

Not only did the singer gained major support from his fans in the US and profited from it, the local San Francisco authorities also presented him with the Most Outstanding Artiste award.

Furthermore, Show celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival in San Francisco, as his concert there fell on the same day. The singer's mother, who turned up for his performance, was upset that her son could not have any mooncakes during the festive season.

The filial Show comforted his mother on stage, saying, "It's okay, even though I can't see the moon. Knowing that my mother is healthy and that her face is as round as the moon, makes me happier than looking at the moon itself."



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