Saturday, September 17, 2011

40,000 Fans Attend SMAP's First Overseas Concert

Source: Sanspo
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @

Popular Johnny's group SMAP held their long awaited overseas concert on the 16th in Beijing at the Worker's Stadium. This is their first time performing outside of Japan. They specially prepared Chinese versions of their hit songs 'Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana' and 'Yozora no Mukou' which was sung at the concert. The concert lasted two hours, with SMAP performing a total of 29 songs for the 40,000 fans in the audience.

Many fans flew in from different parts of China to attend the concert. One female office worker flew three hours from the Sichuan province. As a fan of SMAP for the past 12 years, she said she studied Japanese because of them. There were many fans who were able to speak Japanese at the concert. Another fan took a five hour flight from Qingdao in the Shandong province to attend. As a high school student herself, she came with her mom because they're both avid SMAP fans. The seats were divided into eight levels, with the most expensive tickets in the arena selling for 1,980 RMB (around 23,800 yen), while the cheapest seats sold for 180 RMB (around 2,160 yen).


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