Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vicki Zhao tours Taipei with her family

After her imaging session, Vicki met up with her family -- including her husband, daughter and friend -- and took them on a tour around Taipei. Two years after her marriage to Singaporean businessman Huang You Long, Chinese actress Vicki Zhao clearly has no plans to give up on showbiz.

Not one to rest on her laurels, the busy actress secretly went to Taipei last week to attend the costume fitting for her new movie Love. Last Friday, a member of the public tipped the media off after spotting the actress at a restaurant in eastern Taipei. When reporters arrived on the scene, Vicki was already prepared to leave for Taoyuan International Airport.

The actress was spotted making a couple of phone calls, while waiting in the airport. An hour later, Vicki's daughter appeared from the custom checkpoint's exit. The actress went up to give her child a hug and a doting peck on the cheek before leaving the airport with her friend and daughter.

The trio later met up with Vicki's husband at a restaurant in Linsen Road to enjoy local Taiwanese delights. Two hours later, the group let the restaurant and headed to W Hotel for a rest.

The next day, Vicki and her family went shopping and her Huang was seen carrying their daughter at Hermès, while Vicky and her friend shopped for shoes. The actress also doubled up as a tour guide, bringing her husband, daughter and friend around the city to have a taste of various Taiwanese snacks. Vicki even took them to Maokong, a popular place for tea, while they enjoyed the scenic view of Taipei from the mountain top.

Vicki later updated her microblog and shared a couple of anecdotes from her travel tales: "Taipei's scenic view is really beautiful. A meal I eat here is more than what I'd usually eat in a month. This place is a food heaven, but it's definitely hell for those who want to lose weight!"



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