Sunday, September 11, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 4 & 5

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 4 & 5
The magistrate of the town with many dead bodies, which are rumored to be committed by evil spirits, hires another demon hunter name Long Yun. Old Xia, Xia Bing and Xu Xu, find themselves at a house in the woods and meets Ye Yi, who tells them about his plight. Although Old Xia is sympathic towards Ye Yi, he is convinced that Ye Yi is related to the spirits that committed the mass murder in town. Long Yun turns up with the soldiers and Old Xia let Ye Yi leave with the. During this encounter, Long Yun and Xu Xu are attracted to each other. Once captured, Ye Yi is tortured in the prison.

Meanwhile, a celebration is held in Pang Yong's honor. Pang Yong's men issue Wang Sheng a challenge, and they are taken aback by his skills and magnanimity. Pang Yong recognizes Wang Sheng's potential.

Peirong and her friend, Linlin, are attracted to Wang Sheng. Pang Yong is upset when Peirong rejects his marriage proposal. Dejected, he asks Wang Sheng out for drinks and confides in him. Wang Sheng suggests Pang Yong to buy something that Peirong likes in order to win her over.

However, Peirong is unsure who to pick, she is torn between Pang Yong and Wang Sheng.

The bandits threaten to kill everyone in Taiyuan, unless they hand Wang Sheng over to them. So when the magistrate of Taiyuan turns up to arrest Wang Sheng, Pang Yong vows to protect Taiyuan.

Peirong looks Wang Sheng up at the camp, and is awkward when Pang Yonh turns up as well. Not wanting to complicate matters and jeopardize Peirong and Pang Yong's relationship, Wang Sheng decides to leave Taiyuan. He still persists in leaving Taiyuan, even after Peirong expressed her feelings for him.

Faced with the bandits, Wang Sheng fights them alone. Until Pang Yong, Peirong and their troops turn up to help him fight the bandits. They convince Wang Sheng to stay on Taiyuan. It is obvious to everyone that Linlin likes Wang Sheng, but Wang Sheng insists that she does not suit him.


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