Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 6 & 7

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 6 & 7
Despite wielding his cherry wood sword, Old Xia is unable to find any demons. Instead Xu Xu is injured and reduced to her original demon form. She loses control of herself and even attempts to eat Xia Bing. Fortunately, she is able to control herself at the most critical moment. Xu Xu begs Old Xia to kill her, but he gives her another chance.

Old Xia and company, manage to find Ye Yi's home, where there are many bottles of toad oil. They find Ye Yi in a secret chamber and they find out that the magistrate wants Ye Yi killed because of the toad oil. At this juncture, the soldiers and Long Yun arrive. Xia Bong fights with the soliers and almost falls, but Long Yun saves her; also wining her heart. Old Xia gives Xu Xu a pill, hoping to mask her demon aura, and that Long Yun would not notice that she is a demon.

Long Yun asks Old Xia to let him take Ye Yi back to the magistrate's office. Xu Xu makes some noises unintentionally, arousing Long Yun's suspicions. He dashes out of the house, but realeased Xu Xu when he finds out that she is his disciple. After the encounter with Long Yun, Xia Bing developes a crush on him and finds herself unable to sleep.

Back at the magistrate's office, Long Yun stops the magistrate from Ye Yi as he wants to use Ye Yi to lure the evil spirits out in the open. Back at Ye Yi's home, Old Xia and his disciples are looking for the demon to appear. Old Xia suspects that Ye Yi's wife, Xia Hong, is the demon and is determined to subdue her.

So while Xu Xu lures Long Yun away, as Long Yun has seen Old Xia's prowess and wants him to also take him in as a disciple, an Xia Bing infiltrating the prison to get more information from Ye Yi, Old Xia confronts Xia Hong, a demon of the bird kind. She explains that she just wanted to save her husband Ye Yi from the evil magistrate who coveted her for her beauty. We also learn the reason why Yun Long hates demons so much and wants to eliminate them all: his mother was scared to death by a wolf demon girl, whom they took in.

Meanwhile, Wang Sheng and Pang Yong release a bandit so that they would be able to find out the bandits hideout. They not only manage to find the hideout, but also destroy it, saving many missing children that were captured by the bandits. Pang Yong lets Wang Sheng return the children to their homes so that the people of Taiyuan would have a better impression of Wang Sheng.

Unwilling to ruin Pang Yong and Peirong' relationship, Wang Sheng decides to divorce Peirong before leaving Taiyuan. Linlin, Peirong's friend is happy that Wang Sheng has divorced Peirong, thinking that she has a chance. She has no idea that Peirong has started to like Wang Sheng. Both girls dash out when thy learn that Wang Sheng has left to fight the bandits.

After an intense confrontation, Wang Sheng decided to stay. wang Sheng tells Peirong that he has no feelings for Linlin. While Peirong convinces herself taht she is not in love with Wang Sheng.


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