Saturday, September 17, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 8 & 9

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 8 & 9
Linlin dolls up herself and stays up late to prepare for an outing with Wang Sheng. Unfortunately, she ends up oversleeping and missing the opportunity to go out with Wang Sheng. So Wang Sheng and Peirong have no other choice than to set off to the temple first.

At the temple, Peirong is confused when the divination lot she picks is the same as Wang Sheng, and the temple seer calls them a perfect match. Meanwhile back at the Chen residence, Peirong's parents and Pang Yong are happy to see the divorce letter in Peirong's room.

Peirong invites Wang Sheng for a meal at her home. Pang Yong is happy to see Wang Sheng and thanks him for the divorce letter, upsetting Peirong so much so that she loses her appetite. Her mother urges Peirong to give her happiness and future with care thought.

As she as unable to meet Wang Sheng, Linlin is worried that Wang Sheng is unhappy with her for failing to turn up for their date. Her love for Wang Sheng moves Peirong. Wang Sheng is grateful when Linlin serves him food from his hometown, but he is unable to accept her love. However, Peirong refuses to help him reject Linlin.

Ye Yi explains to Xia Bing that he was maligned by the magistrate, and his wife , Xiao Hong, (a swan demon) had killed in order to save him. He explain that he saved the magistrate's son with his toad oil. But when the magistrate visited him to thank him, he was besotted with Xiao Hong and coveted her. In order to have Xiao Hong, the magistrate sets Ye Yi up. So Ye Yi wishes to free his wife with his death instead of seeing her suffer.

When Old Xia discovers Xiao Hong, she begs him to save Ye Yi. She narrates to him the same story as to how Ye Yi was captured and how the people were killed: she did not think much of it as all she wanted to do was to save her husband.

Xu Xu accepts Long Yun's love and returns to Ye Yi's home just in time to her Xiao Hong narrate her love story with Ye Yi. Upon hearing such a love story, Xu Xu also longs for such a touching love affair as well.


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