Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 10 & 11

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 10 & 11
Delivering food to Wang Sheng everyday gets Linlin teased by the soldiers. Gao Xiang, one of Pang Yong's men, is upset by the gossip as he likes Linlin. Wang Sheng finally rejects Linlin, but he did so in an untactful manner and ended up upsetting her to the stage where she threatened to jump off from the city wall.

Both Pang Yong and Wang Sheng are unsuccessful in their attempt to talk her out of it. So when she jumps, Guo Xiang uses his body to cushion her fall, injuring them both. Pang Yong blames Wang Sheng for being too direct with Linlin.

Peirong tries to tell Pang Yong that she does not like him, but he chooses to ignore it. After the battle with the bandits, Wang Sheng tells Peirong that Pang Yong did not return with them as he saw the jade pendant she gave him.

As they came back triumphant, the King wants to promote Wang Sheng to marshal. Pang Yong's men are not happy with the decision for stealing Peirong from Pang Yong. Although Wang Sheng tries to reject the promotion, claiming that Pang Yong was the one that deserved the promotion more as he was crucial to the battle being success. However, as Pang Yong had left his post without permission, Wang Sheng has not choice but to accept the promotion.

A few months later, Linlin and Guo Xiang are married, while Peirong and Wang Sheng's relations is still not confirmed. Linlin is eight months pregnant when Peirong visits hers. Linlin encourages Peirong to ight for her happiness. Wang Sheng takes Peirong out on a horse ride and they get to know each other better.

Pang Yong barges into Peirong's room on night and asks her if she had ever loved him. He leaves disappointed when she apologies. Since then Pang Yong's whereabouts are unknown until Peirong and Wang Sheng's wedding day.

Meanwhile, Xu Xu visits Long Yun and overhears that two people had sneaked into the prision to rescue Ye Yi. Xu Xu guesses that it must be Old Xia and Xia Bing. She urges Long Yun to save them. They are saved just before the magistrate is about to torture them. Old Xia is angry that Xu Xu went to look for Long Yun and wants to subdue her, Xiao Hong (Ye Yi's wife and swan demon) stops him.

Long Yun allows Old Xia to pose as a soothsayer, he manages to con the magistrate into releasing Ye Yi. The magistrate agrees to do so in three days time. Old Xia has no choice but to return Xiao Hong to her original form, and she does so willingly. Ye Yi is upset and decides to live in seclusion with the swan version of Xiao Hong for the rest of his life. Old Xia accepts Long Yun as his disciple, and the tradegy begins....

Xu Xu is about to marry Long Yun when he discovers she is a demon. She injures him badly and kills him when he refuses to say if he had loved her. Old Xia tries to bring her to her senses, but she is too emotionally distraught to understand what he is trying to tell her; misunderstanding his kind intentions. She ends up injuring him badly. Xia Bing at this time is unconscious, by the time she arrives, she finds Old Xia almost dead. She tries to heal him with her limited knowledge of medicine and regrets not learning from him his skills properly.

He tells her that his injuries are too serious, and that his only worry is her. It is here that we learn that he is actually her grandfather. He had kept her parentage a secret as he did not want to endanger her life (apparently the blood of an demon exorcist has the power to kill demons). Her parents had been killed by a demon, and Old Xia regretted respecting his son wishes to become something other then an exorcist, resulting in his death. After burying her grandfather, Xia Bing vows to travel to the ends of the earth to find and subdue Xu Xu.

Xu Xu upset about being disfigured, is jealous of Xiao wei, a human girl about to be married. So Xu Xu kills Xiao wei and takes her skin with the help of a lizard spirit. Xu Xu changes her looks and even marries Xiao wei's groom. She is from now on Xiao wei and not Xu Xu....


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