Saturday, October 01, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 12 & 13

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 12 & 13
Peirong and Wang Sheng are going through their marriage ceremony, there is a heavy atmosphere as many of Pang Yong's men are not happy that Wang Sheng stole Peirong from Pang Yong. Just as they are about to go through the rites, Pang Yong shows up. There is tension as Pang Yong congratulates the couple. Pang Yong eventually gives Peirong up to Wang Sheng, and disappears again. Wang Sheng vows to love Peirong forever in the nuptial chamber.

Meanwhile, Xiaowei (Xu Xu) finds out that Yu Zhi does not love her, as he realizes that she is no longer the same Xiaowei that he used to know. Determined to make him fall in love with her, she prepares food for him infused with her magic. She ends up exerting her energy, and requires the lizard spirit to steal human hearts for her. She ends up killing Yu Zhi with one blow when he tells her that he cannot love her anymore.

More than two years have passed, and Pang Yong is nowhere to be found. Wang Sheng consoles Peirong that Pang Yong is alright and Xia Bing is still looking for Xu Xu.

All this while, the lizard spirit has been by Xiaowei's (Xu Xu) side and loves her dearly. However, Xiaowei is determined to find "true" love, so she sneaks in to the bandits stockade in a search for someone who would love her fully. She kills some bandits and covers for herself when she is questioned by the chief. Xiaowei is not concerned when the lizard spirit informs her that Xia Bing has been looking for her all this while, and wants revenge for her granfather's death.

Xiaowei tries to get the chief bandit to fall in love with her. She ends up being upset when she realizes that the bandit chief still misses his late wife. She digs out his heart. Just at this moment, Wang Sheng leads his men in an attack on the stockade. He and his men manage to destroy the stockade successfully.

Xiaowei pretends to be a woman whom the bandits have captured and she ends up tagging along with Wang Sheng and his men back. She claims that she is from the same hometown as Wang Sheng and is disappointed when Wang Sheng has no impression of her.

Soon, Xiaowei's lust for human hearts relapses when her skin starts to rot... Xiaohu Xiang discovers the bodies of the missing soldiers and realizes that their hearts have been stolen.

Having seen how loving Wang Sheng and Peirong are, Xiaowei is jealous and decides to get close to the bored Wang Sheng when Peirong is busy with the business. Oblivious of Xiaowei's intention, Peirong takes her in.

As for Xia Bing, she ends up getting drank when she fails to find Xu Xu (Xiaowei). When she is unconscious her staff starts to react....


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