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Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei Episode 1

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei > Episode 1

The series starts off with a fight scene in a seedy underground fight club. Here we are introduced to Li Ge Xiao, one of the main protagonists of the series. During Li Ge Xiao’s fight, a well dressed man enters the club and watches the fight intently. Although Le Ge Xiao is beaten up badly, he manages to win the fight.

When it is time for the interval before the final fight, the club’s owner praises Li Ge Xiao and reminds him that he has to lose the final fight, and he will get his reward when it is over. Li Ge Xiao replies that since he is paid he will do his job, making the owner glee in delight.

However, just before the fight starts, the well dressed man throws some really big ingots (money) and tells Li Ge Xiao to win. Upon hearing that, Li Ge Xiao easily beats up his opponent, a big burly guy, with ease. His opponent is knocked out, just in time for Li Ge Xiao to catch the money. This goes to show that he was just holding back during the first fight.

The owner of the fight club is naturally upset, and confronts Li Ge Xiao, asking him how could he do this to him and ruin his business. When the well-dressed man claims that Li Ge Xiao is his brother, the owner is enraged and orders his men to kill the both of them. Unfortunately for the fight club’s owner, both the well dressed man and Li Ge Xiao easily beat the daylights of his men. Furious he orders more of his men to attack. Not wanting to prolong the fight, Li Ge Xiao snatches the well dressed man’s token of authority and displays it. When the club owner and his men see the token, they tremble in fear and apologize. It turns oout that the well dressed guy is Ying Wu Qiu, commander of the special army, and Li Ge Xiao’s ex-colleague.

Before his downfall from grace, Li Ge Xiao was the previous commander of the special army, and a high ranking official. However, due to the schemes of Yan Song, a corrupt and influential official, his beloved wife, Ru Yi, died. His wife’s death caused him to be a desolate man who drowned his sorrows in alcoholic. From than on, Li Ge Xiao became a wanted fugitive.
The reason Ying Wu Qiu sought out Li Ge Xiao was because he needs his help in retrieving the stolen gold for disaster relief from the corrupt high ranking official, Yan Song. Li Ge Xiao is initially adamant on not rendering any help, but becomes hesitant when he sees the plight of the disaster victims, who have come to the city where he is at to seek refuge.In a final desperate attempt, Ying Wu Qiu reminds Li Ge Xiao of his late wife, and asked him if that would be what she wanted him to do. Ying Wu Qiu also says that he is disappointed in him.

Li Ge Xiao wanders off to think what his should do. He even goes to visit his teacher and asks him what he should do. But his teacher tells him that he already knows what he should do and should just do ahead and do it, because no matter what he tells him, Li Ge Xiao will still go and help.

Finally, Li Ge Xiao decides to help Ying Wu Qiu retrieve back the gold. He tells Ying Wu Qiu that he will do it on his own terms and conditions, he does not want any help from the officials, and neither is he going to get the underworld to help. He will gather together his own team, all he needs Ying Wu Qiu to do is to get the money ready in exchange for the help of these people Li Ge Xiao is going to gather. Ying Wu Qiu is grateful and willingly obliges.

So off Li Ge Xiao goes to gather his team. The first person is Chai Hu. Chai Hu is a fighter with extraordinary strength. However, he does not have much brain. He is the character that usually provides some comic relieve for the series. Apparently years before, Chai Hu and Li Ge Xiao had an agreement: Chai Hu was not to fight for 5 years until he met Li Ge Xiao again and have a fight to the death. Chai Hu had fought against Li Ge Xiao previously but had always lost, disgruntled, his only goal in life since then was to win Li Ge Xiao. He is curious why Li Ge Xiao would break their 5 year agreement. When Li Ge Xiao tells him that he needs Chai Hu’s help, Chai Hu is smug and readily agrees.

Together with Chai Hu, they go on to recruit their next member, He Xiaomei, a master of disguise, hidden weapons and medicine. They find him in a singing opera troupe, singing. Unfortunately, He Xiaomei does not have a very good singing voice, and Chai Hu finds him irritating. After the show, they head backstage to try to recruit Xiaomei.

Chai Hu teases Xiaomei for being too feminine and not like a man, which offends him. But it turns out that Xiaomei is a man who loves money. He agrees when he finds out that there will be monetary rewards.

With two members recruited, they head off to recruit the final member, the elusive Divine Sparrow Thief, Yan Sanniang, who can steal anything and open almost any lock. Recruiting Sanniang takes more effort and convincing, but they manage to do so.

Now with the team in tact, they plan on how to get the gold out from the heavily guarded manor...
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