Thursday, October 06, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 14 & 15

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 14 & 15
Seeing how thoughtful and caring Wang Sheng is towards Peirong, Xiaowei (Xu Xu) gets jealous and frustrated. Seeing that Wang Sheng likes to carve wooden figurines and is good at it, she insists that Wang Sheng carve a wooden figurine for her.

Meanwhile Peirong helps to pay off the debt of a chef, in hopes that he will become her family chef. However, despite all that she has done, the chef turns down her request. When she is home, she feels bad that Wang Sheng had to cook his own dinner. And Wang Sheng is not happy that Peirong spends most of her time in the restaurant, ignoring him.

When Peirong is giving Xiaowei some cosmetics, she notices that Xiaowei's neck is rotting and assumes that it is due to the cold weather. So she uses rouge to help Xiaowei cover up the rotting skin.

Seeing how persistent Peirong has been in trying to persuade the chef to work for their family, Wang Sheng is moved. Xiaowei uses her magic to make the stubborn chef take up the job offer. Weak, Xiaowei asks the lizard spirit to get human hearts for her, but he is unable to do so because of the rain.

Peirong feels uneasy when she sees the wooden figurine that Wang Sheng made for Xiaowei. She asks Xiaowei to help her out at the shop. Business at the restaurant improves after Xiaowei starts working there. Xiaowei vows tha she will take over everything that Peirong has, including the love Peirong receives from everyone.

Gao Xiang resigns from the army because he wants to take care of Linlin and their baby.

Wang Sheng recalls the fire at his house in his old hometown when a fire breaks out nearby. that night, he is unable to fall asleep and ends up going for a walk and meets Xiaowei, whom he confides in.

Peirong wakes up to find that Wang Sheng had written a letter to inform her that he has decided to go back to his old hometown to pay his respects. Xiaowei accompanies him to his parents grave. Wang Sheng hugs her when she consoles him and Peirong reaches the grave just in time to witness the scene. Peirong apologies to Wang Sheng for spending too much time in the restaurant and encourages Wang Sheng to confide in her.

Back at the restaurant, Xiaowei starts to gain popularity. Worried that Wang Sheng has fallen for Xiaowei, Peirong loses concentration.

When celebrating Wang Sheng's birthday, Peirong sees him give Xiaowei his jade pendant after receiving a birthday present from her. She suggests that they find a husband for Xiaowei, and Xiaowei does not object to the idea. However, Wang Sheng fails to find a suitable suitor for Xiaowei, depsite the many men who come asking for her hand in marriage.


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