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Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 16 & 17

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 16 & 17
When Peirong picks Yuan Ren as a suitable marriage candidate for Xiaowei (Xu Xu), Gao Xiang tells Wang Sheng that Peirong wants to marry Xiaowei off faster because she is jealous. Peirong is upset when Wang tells her to apologize to Xiaowei. But, Xiaowei plays mediator and helps the couple reconcile.

Xiaowei looks up Yuan Ren and kills him in the streets. At the same time a man is killed in a prison cell and his heart stolen. Everyone is baffled as the prison doors were locked.

The lizard spirit continues to kill people and puts the blame on a prisoner named Yang Gang, who had disappeared from the prison. He presents all the hearts of the people he had killed to Xiaowei, who warns him not to kill anyone in the Wang household. The lizard spirit even kills Magistrate Li.

Xiaowei is seriously weakened after she uses her powers to revive Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng had fallen off a cliff after a fight with a mysterious man, whom he assumed was Yang Gang. The lizard spirit continues to kill people for their hearts in a bid to strengthen the weakened Xiaowei.

During the time that Wang Sheng is recovering, Peirong takes good care of him. Seeing how loving the couple is makes Xiaowei even more jealous. Peirong urges Wang Sheng to resign and stop the investigation into the case of the murders with missing hearts. Wang Sheng is about to do so, but Gao Xiang changes his mind by urging him to continue his investigations as the magistrate's office is short handed.

Although all the evidence points to the escaped prisoner, Yang Gang, Wang Sheng is not convinced. He leads his men to a cave where his finds Yang Gang's body. Hoping to lure the real culprit, Wang Sheng gives Yang Gang a grand funeral... The lizard spirits turns up and a fight ensues. Xiaowei rushes to the place where Wang Sheng and the lizard spirit are fighting. She makes it rain to weaken the lizard spirit as he loses his power when exposed to rain.

One day, Peirong, when looking for Xiaowei, sees her painting her human skin. She hints to Wang Sheng that a spirit may be responsible for the killings, but no one believes her. So Peirong and Linlin seek help from Sai. Afraid that Sai will ruin her plan, Xiaowei decides to kill him.


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