Saturday, October 08, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 18 & 19

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 18 & 19

When the culprit (the lizard spirit) gets caught in a trap set by Wang Sheng and his men, they try to capture the culprit, but the culprit is too powerful.

Peirong decides to put up at Linlin's place, but the lizard spirit turns up and kills Linlin. Upset, Peirong confronts Xiaowei, but Xiaowei claims she was sewing with Xiaorou the whole night. Wang Sheng does not believe Peirong's accusations that Xiaowei the demon that has been committing the murders and stealing the hearts.

Peirong tries to get holy beads from an old monk. She has a nightmare and refuses to leave her room. She becomes even more upset when Wang Sheng still does not believe her. When Peirong learns that Xiaowei has gone to her parents' home to look after them, she rushes home.

Although what she is saying (that Xiaowei is a demon, and committing the murders), is ridiculous her father chooses to trust her and analyzes that what Xiaowei is trying to do is to make everyone lose their trust in Peirong. So Peirong pretends to make up with Xiaowei.

While on his quest to nab the culprit, Wang Sheng comes across Pang Yong, and they go home together. When Xiaowei sees how Peirong looks after Pang Yong, she asks Xiaorou (the maid) about their relationship.

The lizard spirit notes how Wang Sheng goes to Pang Yong's aid and even pays Pang Yong's wine bills. He reports to Xiaowei that Pang Yong is a useless alcoholic.

Xi Bing ends up in Taiyuan, the city that Wang Sheng, Peirong, Pang Yong and Xiaowei are at. Pang Yong unwittingly falls into a demon trap that was set by Xia Bing. After a misunderstanding with a thief, Xia Bing gets her lantern back and gets acquainted with Pang Yong.

Meanwhile, Xiaowei begins on her plot to become the new Mrs Wang by sowing seeds of discord. Wang Sheng is not happy when Peirong asked Pang Yong to come back without checking with him first.

Peirong looks for Pang Yong abd tells him what is happening between Wang Sheng and Xiaowei, and the murders with the missing hearts. She hopes that Pang Yong will be able to help her find out the truth. When Peirong reaches home, she sees that Wang Sheng is having the reunion dinner without her.


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