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Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 20 & 21

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 20 & 21

Wang Sheng remembers how his vow to love Peirong for the of their lives. He refuses Xiaowei (Xu Xu) to wait on him and reconciles with Peirong. Wang Sheng is shocked when he finds himself thinking of Xiaowei when he is being intimate with Peirong.

The lizard spirit, Xiaoyi, attacks Pang Yong, but leaves in a hurry when he gets injured by a demon trap. After viewing the demon trap that injured Xiaoyi (the lizard spirit), Xiaowei deduces that Xia Bing is nearby.

When Peirong is going back to visit her parents, Wang Sheng asks that she takes Xiaowei along with her. At Peirong's parents' house (the Chens), Peirong learns that her father is ill in health and is often muddleheaded. He gets lost and Xiaowei uses her skills to locate him.

At this moment, Xia Bing assumes that Pang Yong had broken her demon trap, and starts to bicker with him. Pang Yong sees Peirong's father, he is about to tell Pang Yong something, but Xiaowei turns up. Xiaowei pretends to faint when Peirong pushes her away from her father.

Back home, Pang Yong defends Peirong when Wang Sheng scolds Peirong for hurting Xiaowei. Peirong asks Pang Yong to leave, she later finds him drinking alone. She hopes that Pang Yong would be able to help her solve the mystery that surrounds Xiaowei, as well as the murders. Xia Bing eats up all of Pang Yong's food and tells him that there is a demon in the Wang residence as her staff keeps lighting up.

Wang Sheng takes care of the "injured" Xiaowei, but he refuses to stay in her room for the night. Xiaowei warns Xiaoyi, the lizard spirit, not to be rash as she wants to be the main waife, Mrs Wang, and not just a concubine.

While out on an errand for Xiawei, Xiaoyi meets a blind girl named SuSu, and helps her clear some vines. He is happy when SuSu makes him a pair of straw shoes.

Pang Yong is too drunk to go out with Xia Bing to investigate, so she ends up in Xiaowei's room alone and asserts that Xiaowei (Xu Xu) must be eating human hearts. Xu Xu insists that she is Xiaowei not Xu Xu, but her emotions are stirred at the mention of Long Yun. Wang Sheng appears just as Xia Bing is about to stab Xiaowei (Xu Xu).

He decides to stay with Xiaowei for a while as he is worried about her. Xiaoyi senses that Xiaowei is unhappy but she denies it. Xia Bing creates a ruckus in prison, but no one believes her story of demons.


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