Monday, October 17, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 22

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 22

Xia Bing's toad delivers a message to Pang Yong asking for help to release her from prison, but he refuses to help. In the end, Xia Bing manages to escape from prison with the help of a mysterious person, whom she later learns was Peirong.  She tells Peirong that she must exorcise the demon (Xiaowei/Xu Xu) before she leaves Taiuan.

Seeing Xiaoyi's (the lizard spirits) new straw shoes (made by SuSu), Xiaowei sneers at him, but he continues to see XuXu. 

One day, Gao Xiang escorts Peirong home from the temple and Wang Sheng questions her about Xia Bing's escape from prison. She is peeved when he asks her. Meanwhile, Pang Yong listens to Xiahou Xiang's narration of the missing hearts, but does not see the correlation between the murders and their missing hearts with the doing of demons.

When Peirong realizes that she had unwittingly revealed that she had asked the chef to help her save Xia Bing from the prison, she tries to save the chef from Xiaowei, but it is in vain.

While happily chatting with SuSu, Xiaoyi is summoned by Xiaowei.On his way to meet Xiaowei, Xiaoyi gets into a fight with Wang Sheng and leaves fragments of his straw shoe (made for him by SuSu).

Pang Yong and Xiahou Xiang investigate a cave with claw marks onthe cave walls. Pang Yong starts to believe Xia Bing's theory about demons...


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