Friday, October 21, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 23 & 24

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 23 & 24

Xia Bing is insistent that they (she, Pang Yong m and Xiahou Xiang) on subduing Xiaowei (Xu Xu), but Pang Yong emphasizes that they need to have evidence first before they can do any subduing. Xia Bing learns that Xiahou Xiang has a toad, when he takes her to his workroom.
When Pang Yong wants to buy some wine, but has no money with him, Peirong offers to pay for him, but he refuses. She then tells him that Xiaowei was the one who killed her chef.

Although Peirong's father is muddle-headed, he does realize that they is something wrong between his daughter and Wang Sheng. A celebration is held for Peirong's father for his birthday, Xia Bing wanting to quickly subdue Xu Xu (Xiaowei) sneaks into the celebration together with Xiahou Xiang. They want to spike Xiaowei's drink in order for her to reveal her demon self.

Xiaowei attempts to harm Peirong's father but is interrupted. So she aggravates Pang Yong by telling him that Wang Sheng will soon be hers. He ends up drinking the wine meant for Xiaowei (to reveal her demon self), and lashes out at everyone in his drunken stupor.

Peirong hopes that Xia Bing would be able to help Pang Yong overcome his alcohol addiction. She tells Xia Bing how heroic and confident Pang Yong was. A far cry from his current self. Xia Bing agrees to help Pang Yong with his alcohol addiction. 
However, in her attempt to stop Pang Yong from drinking, she gets drunk instead. Seeing how hard Xia Bing is trying to help him, Pang Yong finally makes up his mind to stop drinking. Xia Bing enlists Pang Yong's help to make demon traps.

Xiaoyi (the lizard demon) is caught in a demon trap when he steals some rouge to give to SuSu. Upset that Pang Yong is drinking from his bottle, Xia Bing snatches the bottle and realizes that it is only water, not wine. Pang Yong and Xia Bing attack Xiaoyi. Pang Yong manages to injure Xiaoyi, impressing Xia Bing. She suspects that Pang Yong is the capable man that her grandfather had previously mentioned before his passing. Xia Bong starts to take a liking to Pang Yong.

Meanwhile, an injured Xiaoyi is happy when SuSu tends to his wounds and cooks for him...


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