Saturday, October 22, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 25 & 26

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 25 & 26

Pang Yong finds out that it was Peirong who asked Xia Bing to help him kick his alcohol addiction. Xia Bing invites Pang Yong to go demon catching with her. Xiaoyi tells Xiaowei that he is not Pang Yong's match.

SuSu cooks food for Xiaoyi (the lizard spirit), but he feels ill soon after he eats the (human) food. SuSu takes care of him. Wang Sheng turns up when Xiaoyi is making straw shoes with SuSu. Xiaoyi quickly hides himself. In his invisible state, Xiaoyi whispers to SuSu. Wang Sheng who has been keeping an eye on SuSu senses that SuSu seems to be talking to someone.

When SuSu goes to Peirong's shop to buy the same type of rouge Xiaoyi (stolen) had given her, a suspicious Peirong informs Wang Sheng. Yunyun, a employee and good friend of Peirong reminds Peirong to doll herself up and mend her relationship with Wang Sheng. However, Wang Sheng ignores Peirong. He also disregards Pang Yong's warning that the killer is nearby.

Xiaowei pretends to console Wang Sheng when he confides in her about Peirong and their estranged relationship. Xia Bing reminds Pang Yong that it is impossible for him to be with Peirong and that he should not harbor any such thought.

Peirong decides to move back to her parents' house for a while. On her way to her parent's house, she learns that someone is looking for Xiaowei and has posted a missing person poster. Peirong hands this poster to Xiahou Xiang as Pang Yong is not around. Xia Bing sets out to the 'original' Xiaowei's village.

Xiaowei is surprised that Peirong has returned so soon, especially after she said that she would be gone for a few days. Yunyun unwittingly tells Xiaowei that Peirong is still wary of her.

It is the water festival and SuSu happily splashes water on Xiaoyi, not knowing that water is is weakness. Although he is injured, Xiaoyi feels happy. He wants SuSu to regain her sight, so he promises Xiaowei that he will kill Peirong for her, on the condition that Xiaowei help SuSu regain her sight.

Pang Yong returns and reads the note that Xia Bing had left him, he also sees the missing persons' poster of a person that looks like Xiaowei. In the 'original' Xiaowei's village, Xia Bing learns that Xiaowei's skin had been taken away. She asks the sister-in-law to go back with her to Taiyuan to be her witness.


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