Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 27 & 28

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 27 & 28

Xiaowei (Xu Xu) sends Xiaoyi (the lizard spirit) to kill the 'original' Xiaowei's sister-in-law, before she can identify her. Wang Sheng arranges to meet Peirong, hoping to mend and improve their relationship. However, Xiaowei turns up in his stead and apologizes on his behalf, which causes the meeting to end bitterly.

When Ling'er, the witness that Xia Bing had (and the sister-in-law of the 'original' Xiaowei) is killed, Xia Bing accuses Xiaowei (Xu Xu) of the killing. Even when Pang Yong attests to this, Wang Sheng refuses to believe them and even vouches for Xiaowei's innocence. Wang Sheng finds out that it was Peirong who had asked Xia Bing to check up on Xiaowei, so he admonishes her and tells her not to pick on Xiaowei anymore.

Despite Xia Bing insistence that Xiaowei is a demon, only Peirong believes her. Xiahou Xiang finds in strange that his toads are not able to find a single fly in the house (eaten by Xiaoyi). No one believes that Xiaowei is a demon as she did not go out during the time of the killing. Peirong confides in her father who tells her that there will be sunshine after rain.

Xiaoyi is delighted  that Xiaowei will treat SuSu eyes and return her sight if he kills one more man for her. So he kills a drunkard and takes his  heart, offering it to Xiaowei. Wang Sheng asks Pang Yong for assistance in the investigation, and he agrees. Meanwhile, Xia Bing leves Taiyuan as she had promised., but returns soon after as she had not promised that she would not return. Pang Yong does not believe Xiahou Xiang that his divination shows that there is more than one demon in Taiyuan.

Jealous of SuSu, Xiaowei suggests that she take SuSu skin, but Xiaoyi begs her not to harm SuSu. So Xiaowei tells Xiaoyi to find a pair of eyes that are suitable for SuSu, and he ends up killing girls who are known for their beautiful eyes. As promised, Xiaowei treats SuSu's eyes and she is able to see again.
Susu regains her sight and is eager to meet Xiaoyi, so she heads to Peirong's shop and asks about the Master Lin (Xiaoyi) she had been chatting with. When she goes to the Lin's residence to look for Xiaoyi, she learns that Master Lin has been dead for 4 years. Peirong tells her that perhaps Master Lin (Xiaoyi) had his reasons for keeping his real identity from her.


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