Saturday, October 29, 2011

Price of Fame in The Korean Entertainment Industry: Is it worth it?

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The Korean wave, particularly Kpop, seems to be unstopping transcending across language and continents, from Asia (Taiwan, China Singapore, Malaysia etc…) to Europe (Paris etc..). To produce artistes that are versatile, the Korean entertainment industry has developed a “fool-proof” way to nurture talent to become world-class performers. 

All Korean artistes require going through a training phase which consists of intense singing lessons, dance training, and language lessons amongst other lessons. Many of these artistes may remain as trainees until they officially debut. For example, Jokwon from the ballad group 2AM was a JYP trainee for 8 years before he debuted, while G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang have been with YG Entertainment since their pre-teen days. The training ensures that artistes that debut are strong in both their vocal and dancing skills. 

For those that survive and shine through the training and debut, they have to contend with others in a highly competitive and evolving industry; they either shine or fizzle out after their debut depending on their popularity.

However, despite the success, glitz and glamour, there is an interesting “dark” side to this formula. As it takes money and time investing in training potential artistes, entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment, have had issues with “slave contracts” where deemed unfair to the artiste (e.g. 13 year length and unfair distribution of album sale profits)...Read more>>


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