Saturday, October 29, 2011

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 29 & 30

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 29 &30

Wang Sheng suspects that SuSu's friend is also a 'demon', and has her monitored. Peirong panics when she discovers that her father has gone missing. Xia Bing manages to find Peirong's father dancing in the rain, holding a statue. 
Xiaowei (Xu Xu) soon finds out that Peirong's father is just pretending to be insane. So when Peirong's father sneaks out to meet Pang Yong, Xiaowei makes him hang himself. When his body is found, Peirong is devastate. She knows that Xiaowei is somehow responsible but she has no proof whatsoever.

The statue that Peirong's father always carries with him is found by Wang Sheng. He discovers a strange gadget within the statue, which resembles a weather forecasting device. Xiahou Xiang figures that it is a device used to predict rainfall. Xia Bing remembers that her grandfather had told her that some demons are afraid of water. So the group deduces that one of the demons, most likely SuSu's friends is that 'demon'. They continue their survaliance of SuSu.

Xiaoyi (the lizard demon) kills two gangsters who tried to molest SuSu. He finally manages to become (look) like a human and is delighted. Xiaowei reminds him to return before the sun sets. He rushes off to meet SuSu, unaware that Wang Sheng is keeping an eye on them. Xiaoyi meets SuSu at her shoe stall, and they spend a happy day together. When the sun sets, Xiaoyi begins to feel unwell. He becomes invisible before Wang Sheng can capture him.

Xiaoyi tells SuSu that he is an orphan and that he was the one that killed the two men who had tried to molest her. He accompanies her to Peirong's cosmetic shop and is worried when he sees Xiaowei glaring at him. Xiaoyi is moved that SuSu does not mind his background or what he did, but Xiaowei is jealous at his happiness.

Wang Sheng tells SuSu that Xiaoyi is the heart killer. Xiaoyi promises not to kill again and arranges to run away with SuSu. However, Xiaowei is angry that Xiaoyi refuses to kill people for their heart for her anymore. Xia Bing sees SuSu running away.


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