Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coco Lee marries in an extravagant Jewish wedding

The singer had not sign any pre-nuptial agreement with hubby. 36-year-old Coco Lee wedded her 52-year-old Canadian boyfriend, Bruce Rockowitz yesterday after an eight year courtship.

The wedding was held at Hong Kong's Sky 100 and reportedly cost millions of dollars. It was conducted in traditional Jewish ritual and the venue was decorated with various white flowers to symbolise purity.

Coco's guests included many popular Western singers and Taiwanese artistes like Elva Hsiao, Bowie Tseng and A-Ya. Elva, in particular, drew much attention while clad in a sexy red dress.

At 5.45pm, the band played Coco's famous tune "Moonlight Lovers" to signify the start of the ceremony. Bruce entered with his 2 daughters from a previous marriage while Coco walked down the aisle with her mother.

Dressed in a wedding gown that was embellished with S$160,000 worth of pearls and jewellery, Coco was all smiles beside her groom. As Bruce is a Jew, he wore a traditional white Kipa.

After the exchange of wedding bands, a glass was broken in accordance to the Jewish belief that the sound of glass shattering signifies the beginning of a blissful married life.

The newlyweds shared a kiss when the ceremony ended. A luxurious wedding banquet was then held at Ritz Carlton that night with 200 invited guests, where singers Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars took to the stage as guest performers at the wedding.

Speaking to the press later that night, the bride, who was dressed in a lovely golden evening gown, and clad in jewellery worth S$1.28 million, gushed, "During the ceremony, my heart was beating so fast and I almost cried. But I had to stop myself from crying by thinking of my dog at home, since a wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion."

When asked if Coco and Bruce had signed any pre-nuptial agreements, the couple shared that they will be sharing everything with each other, including all of their assets.  Additionally, the newlyweds will be treating some 800 guests to their post-wedding party at Hong Kong's Shaw Studios tonight.



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