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Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 31 & 32 (Final)

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 31 & 32 (Final)
 Xiaoyi waits for SuSu at their arranged spot, but Xiapwei turns up instead. She threatens Xiaoyi with SuSu unless he kills her again, and he has no choice but to comply. For SuSu's sake he captures a man and throws him into Xiaowei's room. Just as he is about to leave, the dead man's body is thrown out and is seen by guards on patrol. The guards seeing Xiaoyi and the dead man's body start to attack, and Xiaoyi kills some guards. He is about to make his escape when Xiaowei sucks his energy, weakening him an reverting him to his demon form.

SuSu is waiting for Xiaoyi when she learns that the heart killer had killed 13 guards the night before. She agrees to help Wang Sheng nab Xiaoyi. She sends him a message to meet her at the lake. Xia Bing suggests using a demon trap to capture Xiaoyi, but Pang Yong objects; annoying her in the process. Afraid that Gao Xiang will be rash (as Xiaoyi had killed his wife, Lin Lin), Wang Sheng sends him away. Xiaowei uses SuSu's case to sow discord between Wang Sheng and Peirong.

Xiaoyi turns up at the lake and tells SuSu that he was forced to kill again. Xiaowei makes him notice Wang Sheng's men laying in ambush. Feeling betrayed by SuSu, Xiaoyi knocks SuSu unconscious. Pang Yong and Xia Bing try to subdue Xiaoyi, but his demon powers are heightened due to the 'betrayal'. SuSu regains consciousness and begs Wang Sheng not to kill Xiaoyi.

When SuSu falls into the lake, Xiaoyi jumps into the lake and attempts to save her, despite of his
aversion to water. He is moved when a dying SuSu tells him that she does not mind that he is a demon, she likes him all the same.

Devastated by SuSu's death, Peirong blames Wang Sheng, and Xiaowei realizes that she has yet to meet a man who does not mind that she is a demon. After cooling down, Peirong apologizes to Wang Sheng. When Xiaowei kneels down on her knees to beg Peirong to let her become Wang Sheng's concubine, Wang Sheng asserts that there will only be one Mrs Wang. Peirong is moved.

Wang Sheng looks for Xiaowei and learns that she has left. He is unaware that she is testing him. When Xiaoyi attacks Wang Sheng, Xiaowei comes to his rescue. She tells him that she does not mind any status as long as she gets to be with him. He stops her from undressing and leaves the room. However, Peirong misreads the situation and finally gives in to Xiaowei's request.

Not long after a heart is found in Wang Sheng's house, and Pang Yong starts to suspect Xiaowei. To make Xiaowei spare Wang Sheng and the rest of Taiyuan, Peirong agrees to take poison to turn herself into a demon, as per Xiaowei's request. Pang Yong stops Xia Bing from confronting Xiaowei at SuSu's funeral. Everyone is shocked when Peirong recovers miraculously after being bitten by a crow.

Having seen Xiaowei's true demon (fox) form, Xiahou Xiang is enchanted by a spell and starts to attack Pang Yong. Before he breathes his last, he tells Pang Yong that Xiaowei is a demon and he hopes that Pang Yong will take good care of Xia Bing. Both Pang Yong and Xia Bing vow to avenge Xiahou Xiang's death. Upon hearing that Pang Yong has killed Xiahou Xiang, Wang Sheng runs out just as Xiaowei is serving him soup.

After consuming the poison, Peirong finds her hair and skin turning white. Xiaowei forces her to leave as she threatens Peirong by tearing out Gao Xiang's heart. Wang Sheng is misinformed that Peirong had killed Gao Xiang, he refuses to believe she is a demon despite her insistence that she is one. Pang Yong takes her away before the people of Taiyuan kill her, while Xia Bing pretends to be Peirong and lures the people away.

Xia Bing finally confronts Xiaowei (Xu Xu), who admits to accidentally killing Xia Bing's grandfather, but still regards Xia Bing as her little sister. Xiaowei runs away when Xia Bing discovers that her blood can subdue demons. Xia Bing and Pang Yong hope to kill Xiaowei, so as to destroy the spell cast on Peirong by Xiaowei (Xu Xu).

Even when Peirong admits to all the kills, Wang Sheng refuses to believe her and insists that he will always love her. She kills herself as she knows that he is unable to. At this juncture, Pang Yong attacks Xiaowei, but he fails to do so. However, it is now revealed that she is the demon that they have been looking for. Xiaoyi comes to Xiaowei's rescue.

Wang Sheng begs Xiaowei to spare Peirong and kills himself when she tells him that she will only do so when he dies. Xia Bing uses her blood to deal with Xiaoyi. Xiaoyi possesses Pang Yong and attacks Xia Bing viciously. He tells her to kill him quickly, but she is unable to do so. He ends up stabbing himself, and tells her to take care of herself and find a way to revive Peirong.

Just as Xiaoyi is about to kill Xia Bing, he is stopped by Xu Xu. Realizing that she had the love she was craving for all this time (with Xia Bing), and  that she was mistaken, Xu Xu sacrifices herself to revive all the people who died. Xu Xu mends her relationship with Xia Bing and reveals to Xiaoyi that she had lied to him about SuSu. Xiaoyi commits suicide by diving into the lake to be with SuSu.

Peirong and Wang Sheng are reunited. Xu Xu insists that Xia Bing be the one to subdue her and parts with her sadly, having realized her mistake. Unwilling to do so, Xia Bing is forced by Xu Xu to subdue her with the demon rod. Xu Xu tells her that now, no one will doubt Xia Bing's capabilities as a demon slayer as she subdued her. The series ends with Xia Bing and Pang Yong deciding to become wanderers together. They set off on their horses out of Taiyuan and begin their journey. Midway, they stop by a rest stop, whose owner does not take payment for the drinks and food he serves travelers, but accepts a good story instead. So Xia Bing begins to narrate to him animatedly what they had gone through......


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