Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wilber shocked, called Rainie and cried

Written by: imeisee @

Last night Wilber Pan performed in Zhengzhou, China and watched the Annual Golden Bell Awards via the internet where it was 10 seconds slower than Taiwan's broadcast. When he confirmed that he won, he felt dizzy, from happy to crying.

He received more than 300 congratulatory text message and 700 message through his Weibo. His entertainment friends Jolin, Show Luo, Elva, also congratulated him.

Netizens described the winning of Wilber as the most surprised, the most dumbfounded, the most upsetting award of the night, and some even said “He felt he don’t stand a chance therefore missed the ceremony," Wilber explained that he already agreed to attend the event in China and could not cancel therefore he was not able to attend the ceremony, and it is not what most think.

Wilber immediately called his father to share the happiness the former felt, he also personally call the two most important women in his drama career, Zhang Rong Rong and Rainie Yang, who were also touched and cried. When Rainie received a phone call from Wilber, he was in his serious tone and Rainie was shocked because he is different from the usual Wilber, who loves to joke around. Wilber said Rainie gave him a lot of tips when they were shooting for “Miss No Good”.

Wilber is very grateful to the recognition of the judges, but also felt sorry for the other finalists. He also admitted that the pressure will be greater in future, and hope that people will give him a chance to prove that he deserved the award.


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