Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Bang’s Daesung to make a comeback in December!

YG Entertainment is scheduled to hold large-scale concerts in both Korea and Japan for approximately 200,000 fans in December of this year and early 2012. What will be most exciting for the fans, however, is that Big Bang‘s Daesung will be making his comeback, performing on stage at these concerts.

YG Entertainment stated on the 19th, “We will be performing a YG Family Concert in celebration of our 15th anniversary. We will hold three concerts for about 40,000 guests per show at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on December 3rd & 4th, then on January 7th and 8th, perform two shows for about 80,000 guests per concert at the Osaka Colosseum, and finally 2 shows at the Saitama Super Arena on January 21st & 22nd for about 80,000 guests each show.”

‘YG Family Concert’ is an event that has taken place regularly since YG Entertainment was established in 1997. Each of the label’s artists put on individual performance to express their unique talents and skills, and also collaborate to put on a colorful show for their fans. The concert is one in which both the audience and the artists can truly enjoy themselves.

This year is a an especially noteworthy milestone for YG, as they celebrate their 15th anniversary and thus, this year’s YG Family Concert should be that much more phenomenal, filled with new and exciting performances for their fans.

YG Entertainment has also established a new company ‘YGEX‘ in collaboration with Japanese agency AVEX, and this is the first time since their ten-year anniversary in 2006 that they are performing a YG Family Concert overseas.

Artists that will be performing at the Family Concert include YG’s eldest hyung Se7en, the talented Gummy, the unique and charismatic 2NE1, and Hallyu idol icons Big Bang who made their debut performance at the 10th anniversary YG Family Concert in 2006. G-Dragon’s concert attendance, however, is still TBD.

There will be some new faces at the concert this year as well. Singer Psy who was a guest at the annual concert last year has now become an official YG Entertainment artist and will be performing on stage as a YG family member along with Epik High‘s Tablo, who has also recently signed a record deal with YG Entertainment and released his first solo album.

Big Bang’s Daesung who has been taking a long break since his unexpected car accident in May will be making his comeback performance at the concert, and it will be a joyous one for fans who have been awaiting this very moment.

Ticket sales for the concert begin on October 27th.

Source & Image : OSEN via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


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