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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Korean Variety Show: Please take care of my refrigerator invited BigBang TaeYang and G-Dragon

Have you watch the famous Korean Variety show - Please take care of my refrigerator? This is really a funny and interesting variety cook show featuring some of the famous chef in Korea. The special guests of the day is none other than Big Bang Tae Young and G-Dragon. The format of the variety show is very simple. The guests will bring along their refrigerator to the show and showcase it to the audiences. The appointed chefs will try their best to cook the ingredients in the refrigerator and serve it to the guests.

The show begins with our G-dragon being carried to his guest seat. Do we call that royal service? What about our dear Taeyang? Anyway, Taeyang came with a sunshine smile. 

Taeyang dished out some information about G-dragon in an adorable way. Such as how Yang Hyun-Suk favour G-dragon among the Big Bang members and even agrees with him in every things. Taeyang also revealed a flaw about G-dragon and that is his mouth cannot keep secret. To which G-dragon defend himself saying that telling him means that they wanted the secret to be known. 

Here comes Taeyang fridge into the recording studio. First of all, that is a huge fridge and everyone were waiting in anticipation to see what is in store. It impressive to see Taeyang fridge and all those big and small food containers. It is noted that some of the foods were eaten halfway and those were the remaining food kept in a container. The expiry date of the foods were inspected too. 

Time for the chefs to show us how to cook those nice foods using the ingredients found in Taeyang fridge. Cute expressions from our dear Taeyang! Scream!

G-dragon is looking at the foods with great anticipation. I like the way he appreciate the foods and give a good reaction to the all foods that he eats. 

They were happily eating the foods when Taeyang break into a little dance move. At one point, they said that the Chef looks like TOP who loves to look cool in everything. 

G-dragon laugh so heartily at the cooking performance of the Chef. He seem really happy to think of the foods. Sure, G-dragon need to eat well in order to be healthy. Anyway, we knows how much he likes to eat. 

They truly score 100 points for those cute and funny reactions after they tasted their foods. Throughout the program, their smile never leave them and that is what we call professionalism. 

Do you think that the Chef look like TOP? Anyway, it is hilarious to see the Chef perform. They were even worried about his finger as it seems like he cut himself. To their relief, it is actually tomato skin which looks like red blood. 

G-dragon give more cute reactions, therefore it is hard not to notice him. He simply make so many hand gestures and distracted me from Taeyang.

Anybody like the way G-dragon do these cute facial expressions? Those boyish charm and cute baby smile!!! All the foods look so delicious, it is really hard to choose the best dish that suit their taste bug. Oh, the agony of having to choose the best dish is so difficult. 

Thank you Taeyang and G-dragon for coming to the show. I love to see them simply relax and smiling happily. They truly deserve all the love from their fans. Bang, Bang, Bang!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Big Bang Made concert in Singapore

Big Bang held their world tour MADE at Singapore indoor stadium on 18 and 19 July. My friends and I grabbed the category one seated tickets online once the tickets were released. I have always like their music and decided that I would not miss their concert this time round. Full of anticipation, I entered the venue excitedly with my sister and my friends. The stage setup is very nice, with all the lightings and the sound system is pretty good too. 

Bang Bang Bang

The concert begins around 7pm, although the time stated was 6pm. I guessed the organizer expected a crowd, especially at the standing mosh pit area. Bang! Bang! Bang! Their opening song got me moving and shaking with them! I love all their group performances and each of them got a chance to shine onstage with their individual performance too. I like the stage outfit of all the members, although the stage and the sound system could not be compared to other countries. All of them have the opportunity to build rapport with the audiences and they were interacting mostly in English and mandarin. Seungri is very comical as the "host" for Big Bang. Basically, his role is to interact with the funs, together with the spontaneous Daesung. However, it seems that they interacted a lot with the audience and I wished they could have sang more songs instead of repeating the same phrase.

G-Dragon rock the stage with his charisma

All of them have their solo performance onstage and I am impressed with their performances. I reckon that G-dragon is still as charming as usual and has lots of stage presence onstage. Despite his mediocre performance which is a little disappointing, but come on he is after all G-dragon the stylish and cute leader of Big Bang! Fans were seen cheering loudly for the talented G-dragon as he sang his hit songs such as Crooked. Either the Singaporean fans were too passive or Big Bang is trying to save some energy for the second day show, they seem to lack the enthusiasm that was usually seen on Youtube when they performed in other places such as Japan. Perhaps, Big Bang was tired from the World tour, they seem a little tired onstage as compared to their performance at SG50 New year countdown. On the other hand, Seungri impressed the audience with his personal charm that resembled a bit of Justin Timberlake.

Daesung solo stage

It is noted that Daesung vocal shone during the solo performance. He is actually a good singer but his talent in singing can be overlooked in a group. Therefore, I am glad that he has a chance to play the drum and sing a song individually. We can finally see his smiley eyes as he covered his eyes with the fringe while sing Loser. At least Daesung moved around onstage and interacted with the audience like a professional performer.

If you

Taeyang is one of the more passionate and hardworking performer during the concert. I can sense and feel that he love to perform onstage. His rendition of his classic song - Eye, nose, lips and wedding dress were impressive. It is not a half-hearted performance and I can feel that he put his heart and soul into those songs. 

Great performance by TOP

Top is a handsome and charming chap with a huge fan base too. He look so cool as the rapper in Big Bang. I think he looks good in any outfit and hairstyle. Long time no see, long time no see!!! The girls must be smitten with his tall statue and good looks. Every time the Big Bang members appeared in the video clips or onstage, the fans were heard screaming their lungs out! Anyway, I do enjoyed the cool "Uncle rapper" Top performances. Binggu Top is just too cool to be bothered and yes he is really a great actor as seen in those Big Bang video clips.

Seungri dancing like Justin Timberlake

Seungri spoke a lot during the concert and entertained the audience very much. He is indeed a hardworking young chap that is loved by his hyungs. Sadly, Big Bang did not sing their previous classic songs such as Tonight and Monster. Their performance for fantastic baby, Bad boy and Good Boy were mediocre and left more to be desired. Despite that, we were still craving for more of Big Bang.

The concert ended with Bang! Bang! Bang! again. It is noted that Big Bang sang most of the new songs such as Sober, We like to party, Loser, Bae Bae. I love how Big Bang explained the context of the song innocently such as the meaning of rice cake is not linked to sex. Big Bang sang one of my favourite song which is a ballad - If you. They sang the song very well and each members characteristic was nicely featured in the song itself. After the performance on Saturday, my sister wanted to go for their Sunday performance which unfortunately we did not purchase on the second day. Anyway, it is too late to purchase the concert tickets. She regretted not purchasing the tickets for both days. Let's look forward to their future performance before they go for their military training. Perhaps, we could watch their performance oversea? That could make the money spend more worth it!

Big Bang fooling around

Cutie Top!

G-dragon leading Big Bang

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Bang Comeback with Loser

Big Bang comeback with two hits singles Loser and Bae Bae and they are making wave in Asia. I am impressed to hear a matured Korean pop group singing a song which somewhat depicted their life. Similar to us, the Big Bang members experienced things in life that we all went through at a certain point of time. There are also some things which they experienced as celebrities but we may never know. What is it like living as Big Bang? Are they normal people like us too? What message does the song conveys? Here is a list of characters based on their solo clip, depicting a different story each. Just now personal is this song to Big Bang? After listening to Loser, I felt that it has depths and a philosophy towards life in general. Loser is really a nice song that is worth to recommend. 

MV: Loser 

G-Dragon - Loneliness, Sadness 

Despite having all the riches, wealth and being successful in many areas. He is feeling empty inside his heart. The big house, black and white cartoon is so ironic to him. G-Dragon appears to have everything but he is not happy. Everything is dull to him when he stepped out of the limelight. 

Taeyang - Lost and confused 

Taeyang has lost sight of himself and he could not find a direction in life. He feel contractive about everything and is confuse about his choices. The cross and the way he jump on to it symbolizes he just want to let go of all his troubles. Instead of repeating the same mistakes and dwelling on his own unhappiness. In the end, he choose to be set free from all the downward spiral. 

Top - Regrets, hurts, pain

Top solo clip indicated that he regretted something in his life. The furniture in the house could symbolize his privacy or personal space. The woman touched it and these are things which he does not allow others to invade into that personal realm. Therefore, he choose to destroy the relationship with her. Later on, Top was seen crying on the street. It shows that Top is insecured and there are things which he is sensitive about and is afraid to unveil his true self. In order to protect himself, he choose to hurt the other party first. He may appears to be strong and tough on the surface, but is actually fragile and weak in his heart. 

Daesung - helpless, desperate, ashamed

Daesung lost his girlfriend to a group of bullies. They humiliated him and he decided to take revenge. However, he lost the battle again during the street fight. He felt helpless and desperate to win but lost everything in the end. This can be linked to Daesung road incident. He was attacked by many people and the netizens accused him as a murder. He felt so ashamed of himself during that time. 

Seungri - stubborn, lack of self control 

Seungri girlfriend cheated on him with another man. He could not accept defeat and tried to mend the relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He felt so mad at himself and the whole situation that he displayed some violence. There was a scene where he followed the girl and was upset that she has moved on to another relationship. On the other hand, Seungri is still hanging on to the past. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

SG50 Countdown at Marina bay: The Float

This was the first time I went to a New Year countdown party at Marina bay: The Float. The reason that I went for this countdown party is solely because of Big Bang! Initially I like Big Bang songs, but not to the extend of being a big fan (VIP). My friend and I decided to head down to Marina bay: The Float with a mass crowd and queue up for almost 2 hours to get into the venue. We brought $20 tickets which were the cheapest, therefore we were allocated to the seats which were at the side of the stage. 

I was very excited about watching Big Bang performance since this will be the first time I ever watch the Korean boyband perform live onstage. Although I had watched G.D solo concert before, I have never watch Big Bang perform as a group. I have to say that their performance was spectacular and entertaining. What surprised me the most was their choice of clothings. They still looked like fashion icon, especially G-dragon. However, I pity them for performing at the outdoor stage in Singapore. Having to sing and dance onstage in a hot weather was crazy! Kudo to their professionalism! They performed for almost 1hour and should be well paid for their efforts. 

It was indeed worth the wait and all the anticipation that night. They surprised me by singing so many songs. I simply love the whole group performing together onstage. Their stage presence were fanastic and their songs were so upbeat. Many fans screamed at the top of their voices. The sound system was a letdown, however it does not dampen the mood of their fans as they were also seen swaying and dancing to Big Bang music. No doubt, their performance was definitely the Hightlight of the day. 

A big thank you to my friend  who is a big fan of Big Bang for taking all the pictures during the performance. I had great memories of the night and the atmosphere was simply marvelous. That was probably one of the best performance I have ever seen. 

That night Big Bang sang seven songs: 1) Fantasic baby 2) Tonight 3) Lies 4) Bad boy 5) Feeling 6) Gara gara go 7) G.D x Taeyang Good boy 

Big Bang showcased an unforgetable performance. I did not regret purchasing the ticket to SG countdown 50. In addition, I would most likely watch their live performances if they come back for Asia concert tour. 

Who is your favorite Big Bang member? I personally enjoyed the performance of them in a group. G.D is stylish and handsome, Top is hot, cool and suave (notably the worst dancer in BB), Taeyang is charismatic and dances well, Daesung is cute and sings well. Last but not least, Seungri is a charming chap. I heard that Big Bang will make a comeback album this year. Who is excited about their comeback album? Hopefully we will see them soon! 

This will probably be the first and the last time ever for me to join in a countdown party. I do not like mass crowd and the time wasted to queue up for hours just to get into the venue. At the end of the day, it was pretty exhausting, having to push and squeeze between many people in the line. 

However, Big Bang make all the waiting worth it. After the performance that night, I became their big fan too. I am joining in the VIP club. :)

Wow! Fantastic baby 

The rest of the performance of SG 50, was mostly boring. Accept for the performance of Malaysian diva Siti Nurhaliza, homegrown singer Stefanie Sun, Veteran singer Kit Chan and Famous song-writer Dick Lee. 

Not to forget the beautiful fireworks in the sky. Everyone look up at the sky and make a wish. Happy New Year! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Bang Seungri involved in car accident

Source taken from: allkpop

SBS News recently reported that Big Bang's Seungri was undergoing surgery for his liver due to his recent accident, worrying fans. However, YG Entertainment once again assured that the idol is okay and that his injuries are not severe.

An agency rep stated, "The report that [Seungri] injured his liver and is undergoing surgery for it is false... Although he sustained slight internal bleeding, the medical team made the diagnosis that it's something that will be fully healed if he takes it easy for a week." 

Another rep added, "It's true he hurt his liver, but he's just receiving treatment, not undergoing surgery. We expect him to stay at the hospital for about a week. He will participate in the investigation with the police after he finishes his treatment."

As mentioned before, the police have confirmed that Seungri was not drunk driving, but they are still looking into the exact cause of the accident.

Let's hope Seungri gets plenty of rest and stability so that he gets back to feeling his best soon. 

My thoughts 

Seungri was absent from the YG family concert held in Singapore due to this unforeseen incident. There were rumors that Seungri was not wearing seatbelt at that time and was speeding during the journey. 

Due to the accident involving celebrities, it rised the alarm for the public regarding road safety. Hopefully, there will not be any bad news about celebrities getting into accident. It was really sad to hear all these tragic accidents.

To the relief of Big Bang's Seungri fans, at least one thing is clear and that is Seungri was not drunk driving during the accident. Eariler this year, Leessang Gil was arrested for drunk driving. Following the arrest, he had to temporary stop all his activities in the Entertainment. All celebrities have a public image to maintain, hopefully this incident will teach others a lesson about the consequences of drink driving.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

5,000 tickets for Big Bang’s Peruvian concert sold in 40 minutes

Since the announcement of not one but two concerts in Latin America, fans from the lucky countries (Peru and Brazil) have been waiting eagerly for the tour dates, tickets sale dates and prices.

It was just about last week when Big Bang finally confirmed the tour date for their concert in Peru, which will be held this November 14, at the Jockey Club of Peru. Ticket sales started this week on August 1.

This gathered attention from fans not just from Peru but also from other countries such as Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and even Panama. Since the official announcement was made, fans started gathering since Sunday outside the official selling stores. There was an endless line of fans who even slept outside the stores in order to get their tickets.

Once the stores opened to the public in the morning of August 1, the agency stated they sold 5,000 tickets in 40 minutes. Most of them for the “Kandavu section”, which is right in front of the stage, and also they said they had to expand the section with just 200 additional tickets. Three hours later, the sales went up to 7,000 tickets with the “Kandavu Section” almost sold out.

The concert was originally planned with an attendance of 9,000 fans, but if the demand keeps increasing, it might be possible to even expand it a little bit further. This is one of the most awaited K-Pop concerts in Latin America so far, right along with JYJ‘s. Excited VIPs cannot wait any longer and hope for November to come fast.

credit: soompi, Generación K-Pop and BigBang is Great Arequipa
via bigbangupdates

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monster preview

Big Bang to Release 'Alive Monster Edition' Special Album

Big Bang announced its decision to release an album in celebration of 'Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Japan.’

According to Big Bang's official Japanese website, the special edition of 'Alive' will include 3 new songs including 'Monster' is to release on June 20. The album is a special edition that will include new videos.

New single 'Monster' recorded in Japanese is a song with sad piano melodies, painful lyrics, reminding listeners of Bing Bang’s hit songs like 'Lie' and 'Haru Haru.’ The new album also includes full version of 'Alive' intro and 'Bingle Bingle' in Korean written by G-Dragon as new tracks.

The DVD will include music videos of ‘Monster,’ ‘Fantastic Baby’s new version, and recording, jacket and making of ‘Alive-Monster Edition.’


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Bang to endorse Jeju Airlines

Affordable airline Jeju Airlines has joined hands with idol group Big Bang.  Jeju Airlines has acquired Big Bang to lift their image as a global airline, because Big Bang is representative of K-Pop stars. This was revealed on April 18th.

Big Bang, as a 5 member group consisting of G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri will bring popularity to Jeju Airlines through their destinations of Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. They will be on the home page, newspapers, magazines, online advertisements, and each overseas counter of Jeju Airlines.

Jeju Airlines is also sponsoring Big Bang's Japanese and Asia Tour, starting next month. Big Bang will be boarding these planes with their staff as a group to go on tour. For the Asia tour starting in October, in Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam, they will be not only promoting, but there will also be a Big Bang Concert Travel Package.

Jeju Airlines representatives have stated that "The fact that top class K-pop star Big Bang endorsing the affordable airline, Jeju Airlines, will be a hot topic in Asia," and "They will be a huge help in bringing Japanese and other East Asian travelers who wish to come to Korea.

Source: Asiae
Translated by: @kristinekwak

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Bang's song for "Transformers" animation

It was revealed that Korean group Big Bang's song has been selected as the opening theme for the new "Transformers" animation series.

According to Dkpopnews website, Big Bang's agency, YG Entertainment, made an official announcement that the song "Feeling" has been selected as the opening theme song of the animation, "Transformers: Prime".

Big Bang's "Feeling", is an up-tempo song co-produced by DJ Boys Noize from Germany and Big Bang's G-Dragon.

This track is included in Big Bang's new Japanese album, "ALIVE," which is scheduled to be released on 28 March in Japan. The new album includes a total of 10 tracks including, "Feeling," and "Ego," which are not found in the Korean album; "Fantastic Baby", "Blue", and "Bad Boy", with Japanese lyrics written by m-flo's VERBAL; as well as a bonus track, "Haru Haru."

"Transformers: Prime" series will air in 140 countries. It will be broadcasted on various channels in Japan starting 7 April.

source: yahoo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Bang is back with their MV for “Blue”!

Blue is a mellow mid-tempo track that sings of rejuvenation in the face of accepting sorrow and loss. It’s the perfect comeback track for Big Bang, who faced a difficult year in 2011 but are now ready to make their comeback as a stronger unit.

The single was released ahead of Big Bang’s new album, Alive, to build anticipation for the full release. Alive will drop a week later on February 29th.

Check out Blue below:


Big Bang hits the streets of New York

Source :

A user of an online community website updated a series of photos under the title "Big Bang in Harlem, New York".

Big Bang flew over to New York on February 9 to shoot the music video for its upcoming fifth mini album, to be released on February 29.

In the photos, Big Bang is shown hitting the streets of New York, decked out in a mish-mash of colors and styles that, frankly, defy description.

Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as "I'm looking forward to Big Bang's new song" and "So shocking". There's an aura I don't dare approach.

Big Bang will be coming back with a new mini album for the first time in a year, and starting from February 17, the group will start full-blown promotions involving main channel television commercials. The Naver Music application will also provide information on the group's comeback.

The group will then embark on its Big Bang Alive Tour 2012, its first world tour, starting in Seoul from March 2-4 and continuing through 25 cities in 16 countries.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Bang Will Have Several Title Tracks

Source : Mnet

Big Bang made a big unexpected (?) move by deeming all of the tracks from its upcoming album title tracks. A representative from YG Entertainment told enews on February 17, "All six songs from Big Bang's upcoming mini album will be title songs."

Two days before, YG had revealed through its official blog that Blue and Bad Boy would be promoted as double titles. The day after, however, it added the title track markings to Love Dust and Fantastic Baby, and finally on February 17 it added No Fun and Wing to the title track list, making all of the songs, excluding the intro, title songs for the album.The words "double title songs" have often been used to mean that two songs would be promoted as the main single cuts from an album, but announcing that all of the tracks from a single album will be promoted as songs is a rare feat not only in Korea, but also overseas.

The new challenge is adding to the weight on Big Bang's shoulders for its comeback, heightening anticipation for what type of new music and styles it will showcase. Many idol groups disband or retire when they reach their fifth year. 

Big Bang also met its biggest crisis in 2011, its 5th year, as it endured many big incidents. A representative from YG said,"After the incidents, the Big Bang members have been regretting their actions and have concentrated only on their music in the studio. Thanks to that, they were able to come up with satisfactory results, so satisfactory that all of the songs from the album were deemed title songs."

Big Bang recently filmed the music video for Blue and Bad Boy in New York. Although the shoot was kept strictly under wraps, local paparazzi swarmed to capture the members on film ever since they stepped foot in the airport, surprising even the local bodyguards. Because there are no legal measures that can be taken against paparazzis, news of Big Bang's music video shoot made it into overseas internet websites, proving that Korea wasn't the only country that was interested in Big Bang's upcoming album. 

Big Bang's mini album will be released on February 29, and the single Blue will be released beforehand on February 22. A preview of Blue will be provided on February 17 through a 30 second preview on Naver Music and also through the TV commercials that will show how the Big Bang members feel about their comeback. Big Bang plans to start off its promotion in Seoul with its Seoul concert from March 2-4, and will continue to meet fans around the world with its world tour, Big Bang Alive Tour 2012.

Friday, February 10, 2012

South Korean’S Big Bang To Perform In Hcm City

Source : vietnamnet.vm

VietNamNet Bridge – Big Bang, the well-known boyband from South Korea, is preparing for their first-ever show in HCM City on April 14. Big Bang is among the most outstanding representatives of the Korean wave in Asia. The band was formed by YG Entertainment in 2006. The group consists of G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri.

Big Bang has released several successful singles and EPs. Their first release, the EP Always (2007), spawned the number-one single "Lies". The follow-up EPs Hot Issue and Stand Up were similarly successful.

After they received the "Artist of the Year" award from the KM Music Festival and the Seoul Gayo Daesang Award, the group expanded their activities into Japan, releasing mini-albums and airplay singles. Their materials did not receive major promotion until the following year with the release of their first physical Japanese single, "My Heaven". Since then, the group has attained considerable success in the country. They became the first foreign group in Japan to receive the Japan Cable Broadcasting Award for "Best Newcomer", and the first from Korea to receive the Japan Records award.

In recent years, the members have branched out to do solo activities: Taeyang and G-Dragon have released solo materials while T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri have started acting (in both dramas and musicals) and participating in variety programs.

Representing Asia-Pacific, Big Bang emerged as the inaugural Best Worldwide Act winner of 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) held at Belfast, Northern Ireland. There, apart from Queen, Big Bang was the only winner not from North America. Big Bang show in HCM City will be held at the Phu Tho Racecourse, with the participation of some Vietnamese stars.

TOP's Blue Hair Only the Beginning... Other Members More Shocking Transformation

After the revealing of TOP's striking transformation, many are anticipating the change in the rest of the members styles.

On February 6th, YG posted a picture of TOP, in which he had blue hair and expressed his masculinity. After the release of the picture many fans commented "TOP's stare and hair color captures the attention of the audience", "he can pull of not only silver hair, but even bright blue hair" etc.

However, YG stated that this is merely the beginning. During the phone call with OSEN, YG stated that "Other Bigbang members have gone through a transformation that is probably as shocking as TOP's. We especially put an emphasis on the hair styles and will probably surprise the fans".

Moreover, YG stated "fashion-wise, Bigbang will display a variety of styles. Not only will the members be emphasizing their masculinity as TOP did in the revealed picture, but they will be showing a variety of concepts for their stage outfits".

The fans' excitement has been growing as Bigbang's comeback was officially signaled. There has been many inquiries if 'Fantastic Baby', which is on the top right-hand corner of the picture that was released, is the title track. However,YG has remained silent to this question.

Translated by Beau @

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Bang and Shinhwa to Battle it Out in March

K-Pop is expected to see more rosy days this year, as long-awaited boy groups are planning to make their comebacks come spring. Two of the most anticipated boy groups, Big Bang and Shinhwa, will be coming back in March with new albums.

To Big Bang, this comeback means more than any of its others. Last year, member Daesung was involved in a car crash with staggering consequences, while G-Dragon was put on probation after being charged for smoking marijuana, rendering the group unable to stand in front of the public for some time.
Big Bang's successful career in Korea and the world, which had been strong since even before the group made its debut in 2006, was hit hard by these incidents. Still, while the group was on hiatus, it managed to become the first Korean group to win an award at the MTV Europe Awards, and the group even flew over to fly over to Belfast to claim the award on a televised broadcast. YG Entertainment had decided that because it was such an honorable occasion, it wouldn’t be polite to miss it.

But even despite these successes, Big Bang’s hiatus dealt a great blow, because the group had to stay underground in a period when the K-Pop boom was just starting to spread through the world supported by various social network services. While other groups such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Kara, 2PM and Wonder Girls continued to build their careers overseas, Big Bang had to stand aside and watch.

Fortunately, the time to rest has finally come to a close, and Big Bang reemerged as one in the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert held near the close of 2011. In February, Big Bang will release a new album and actually start promoting, starting with its exclusive concert Big Show to be held from March 2-4 in Seoul.

The group plans to reassess and reaffirm its popularity in Korea through the concerts, which are estimated to bring in about 40,000 fans. Also, as the longest-running idol group Shinhwa will be coming back at the same time as Big Bang, many music fans are looking forward to an interesting year.

Shinhwa will be releasing its 10th studio album in March, coming together once again for the first time in a long time. Although the members were signed with different agencies, they managed to hold their group together, and will finally be promoting as a group again starting on its 14th anniversary.

The members, excluding Lee Min Woo, who is still serving in the military, are currently actively preparing for their comeback by practicing their songs and dances. The group also plans to embark on an Asia tour starting with a concert in Seoul on March 24, its 14th anniversary.

Pop culture critic Kang Tae Gyu told enews, “In March, the trend-leading group Big Bang and the long-running idol group Shinhwa will be meeting each other for a fierce competition, but for music fans, it will be a time when they’ll be able to listen to a greater variety of songs.”

Credit: www.enewsworld

Big Bang's New Album Delays Release of YG's Girl Group

Earlier this past year, YG Entertainment revealed that they were working on a new girl group. In the past there had been hints that the group would make their debut as early as January. Ever since, Big Bang’s comeback has been forecast for February, the company’s focus has shifted to their preparations. This shift in scheduling has in turn put off the girl group’s debut to a later date.

Big Bang’s album had been put on hold, due to unfortunate events which occurred during the second half of 2011. In that time the members have been hard at work and what they have in store for fans is of extraordinary interest. Originally, the group was scheduled to release their album in March just in time for their 2012 Big Show concert. The preparations for the album have gone exceedingly well and because of this YG decided to move their comeback up. It will be a year since the group released their 4th mini album last February.

As for the new girl group, they are expected to make their official debut sometime after March. The label’s first girl group, 2NE1 has already become successful and influential. They differentiated themselves with their style and their music as they were unlike any other girl group before them.

The upcoming girl group is expected to be another ground breaking group. The girl group will be more than just 'pretty' as they will work with YG’s existing colors and add more pop music elements. Although the members themselves along with the number of members that will make up the group have not yet been identified, the girls are naturally beautiful as none of them have had cosmetic surgery done. For now, MNET “Superstar K2” alum, Kim Eun Bi is the only one who has been revealed as being part of YG’s future girl group.

2NE1 also expressed their expectations for this new group. In a conversation with OSEN, leader CL revealed, “They will not at all be like us, they are of different colors. The girl group looks ready, I know, too, the new group is very excited. You definitely will want to look forward to seeing them.”

A representative for YG had this to say regarding the delay, "The more thorough preparation will serve us well in the long run." he said.

Credit: Soompi

Saturday, January 14, 2012

BIGBANG to Do It Big in 2012

Big Bang is aiming to make a big comeback in 2012. The group will release an album in February, followed by a set of concerts titled Big Show in Seoul from March 2-4.

It is undecided whether the new album will be a full studio album or a mini album, but the Big Bang members are currently working hard on their new album and preparations for their concert.
With the new set of promotions, Big Bang will attempt to rebound higher after slipping up with Daesung’s car crash and G-Dragon’s drug scandal.

The five members of Big Bang previously forewarned their comeback by coming together at the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert held on December 4. The group also performed in Osaka from January 7-8, and will continue with a performance in Saitama on January 21-22.

The reason why the March concerts mean more than the YG concerts, however, is that they will be exclusive Big Bang concerts. As two of its members had to go on a sudden hiatus, the group was previously unable to emerge in front of the public, but in 2012 it will be hitting the K-Pop scene yet again with an active line of promotions.

Because the concerts will be held for three days with 40,000 fans, they are expected to refuel Big Bang’s popularity. The group is also expected to land activities not only in Korea, but also overseas, as it stood at the center of the Korean wave. Big Bang plans to use the year 2012 as a foothold to step up again in Korea and the world.


Monday, January 02, 2012

Taeyang, “A closer Big Bang will make an amazing appearance in 2012”

Of the nation’s top male idol groups, there are not many K-Pop fans that hesitate to choose five member team Big Bang as the best. Since their summer of 2006 debut, in the last 5 years, Big Bang has had countless hit songs, including “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Haru Haru”, “Sunset Glow”, “Tonight”, and “Love Song”.

They are full of performance, fashion, and personality. Not a typical boy group, Big Bang is a group that has unconventionality. Though it is clearly rare for an idol group to have a producer among the team, Big Bang is a team that has producer G-Dragon among them.

However, as the good comes with the bad, Big Bang has definitely had hardships. 2011 has been a particularly difficult year for Big Bang. With its members caught in controversies, they were put in a situation to quit the plans they had previously made.

Regardless of this, Big Bang is currently dreaming of a proper ascension during 2012, year of the dragon, as they are filled with confidence. During their break, the five members Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri have come together and have been working on many songs.

Big Bang member and skilled solo artist Taeyang is welcoming 2012 with excitement because he wants to go at full speed with his Big Bang members in the new year. Taeyang is particularly welcoming 2012, as he is a 1988 zodiac dragon.

I met with Taeyang for the first time in a while to talk about his and Big Bang’s plans and aspirations for next year.

-It’s been a while. How have you spent this time?

-TY: We’re completely absorbed in our work. The five members of Big Bang gathered and have worked on a lot of songs. We’ve created so many new songs. Right now, we’re in the last stage of working on our new album. Personally, I’ve also been working on my solo album side by side. Big Bang still spends time at the dorms, and we’re spending meaningful time together.

-We can’t not talk about 2011. It brought Big Bang a lot of crises.

-TY: The truth is that in 2011, Big Bang was planning on doing a lot of promotions, but we couldn’t. All of the members were honestly very disappointed about that, but we gained a lot from it also. Going through various hardships, the members’ relationships have gotten more close. We felt how much more precious the other members, the fans, and being on stage are to us. This is Big Bang’s turning point. We feel that the people who still love Big Bang are our true fans, and we’re going to repay those people with the best music and performances we can give to them. We’re going to make amazing plans and many appearances. You’ll find out about our amazing plans soon.

-Even from that low, you beat out top stars at the November 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards (2011 EMA) and won the Worldwide Act Award. What are your feelings about that?

-TY: That’s one of the best memories of 2011. After we received the award, the feelings from being there at the ceremony left a lot of good memories. It was the first time in a while that Big Bang gathered together as five, and truthfully it was really interesting that we were the only Asians at the awards ceremony. Our desires to do promotions overseas and spread Big Bang’s music more have gotten a lot stronger from that experience.

-In early December 2011, Big Bang presented performances as five members through the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert for the first time in a while.

-TY: It was very emotional. Before, being on stage together was something that went without saying, and I felt that we were on stage because we loved music and dancing. But after being on stage after Big Bang went through many things, I got the strong feeling again that we exist for the stage and for our fans. I had the same thought during the Japan tour we had earlier in the year. More than anything, I love Big Bang being together as five the most.

-The K-Pop craze is impressive. The Japanese Best Of album that Big Bang released in December 2011 topped the Oricon Charts at #1, and it seems thatBig Bang has a strong part in spreading the Hallyu wave.

TY: Rather than thinking about popularity or sales, we have a big heart for representing Korea and showing foreigners good music. So while working on Big Bang’s new album, the members exchanged a lot of good words and advice, and we tried very hard to make good music.

-In a recent survey, because of your lack of experience in love, you were picked as #1 male idol star most likely to spend Christmas solo.

-TY: To be honest, when I first saw that I read it as the star most likely to release a solo album during Christmas. (laughs) That’s actually correct—I spent Christmas alone watching a movie. But I’m not lonely right now because I’m sincerely completely immersed in my music. I’m really excited for Big Bang’s great plans for 2012.

-If you were to reveal your hopes and plans for 2012?

-TY: I want to properly show Big Bang’s potential again. We’re going to show that like our music, that nothing will bring us down no matter what happens. I’m going to work hard with the other Big Bang members in promoting here and abroad. I actually would like to do performances locally like we did in our debut days also. I’m planning on living a life absorbed in music.

-To end, please say a word to your fans welcoming 2012.

-TY: I have nothing to say to our fans except thank you. Thank you so much for standing by us. I have confidence that we can repay you with our music, so I’d like it if you can trust Big Bang one more time. I’m a zodiac dragon, and since the coming year is the year of the dragon, I hope that everything you do brings success to you. I sincerely hope you take care of your health and wish you a happy new year

Source: Star News
Translated by: SARA @ bigbangupdates | fyeahbigbangstuffs@tumblr

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Big Bang’s Seungri to cameo in ‘Light and Shadow’

Big Bang‘s Seungri has revealed that he will be making a special cameo appearance in MBC‘s 50th anniversary drama, ‘Light and Shadow‘.

Seungri will play the role of a trainee who dreams of becoming a star. Confident and full of pride, he calls himself the ‘man of Yeosu’ (his hometown), and wins everyone over with his smooth ‘satoori’ and witty commentary. Seungri is actually from Gwangju, in the same district, so the role should be no problem for him to pull off.

Seungri expressed, “This is my first time acting in a formal drama and I’m looking forward to it a lot, especially since the character I’m playing reflects who I am in real life. I’d love it if our viewers would have fun watching it.”

Source + Photo: W Star News via Naver
Credit: Allkpop