Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Korean Variety Show: Please take care of my refrigerator invited BigBang TaeYang and G-Dragon

Have you watch the famous Korean Variety show - Please take care of my refrigerator? This is really a funny and interesting variety cook show featuring some of the famous chef in Korea. The special guests of the day is none other than Big Bang Tae Young and G-Dragon. The format of the variety show is very simple. The guests will bring along their refrigerator to the show and showcase it to the audiences. The appointed chefs will try their best to cook the ingredients in the refrigerator and serve it to the guests.

The show begins with our G-dragon being carried to his guest seat. Do we call that royal service? What about our dear Taeyang? Anyway, Taeyang came with a sunshine smile. 

Taeyang dished out some information about G-dragon in an adorable way. Such as how Yang Hyun-Suk favour G-dragon among the Big Bang members and even agrees with him in every things. Taeyang also revealed a flaw about G-dragon and that is his mouth cannot keep secret. To which G-dragon defend himself saying that telling him means that they wanted the secret to be known. 

Here comes Taeyang fridge into the recording studio. First of all, that is a huge fridge and everyone were waiting in anticipation to see what is in store. It impressive to see Taeyang fridge and all those big and small food containers. It is noted that some of the foods were eaten halfway and those were the remaining food kept in a container. The expiry date of the foods were inspected too. 

Time for the chefs to show us how to cook those nice foods using the ingredients found in Taeyang fridge. Cute expressions from our dear Taeyang! Scream!

G-dragon is looking at the foods with great anticipation. I like the way he appreciate the foods and give a good reaction to the all foods that he eats. 

They were happily eating the foods when Taeyang break into a little dance move. At one point, they said that the Chef looks like TOP who loves to look cool in everything. 

G-dragon laugh so heartily at the cooking performance of the Chef. He seem really happy to think of the foods. Sure, G-dragon need to eat well in order to be healthy. Anyway, we knows how much he likes to eat. 

They truly score 100 points for those cute and funny reactions after they tasted their foods. Throughout the program, their smile never leave them and that is what we call professionalism. 

Do you think that the Chef look like TOP? Anyway, it is hilarious to see the Chef perform. They were even worried about his finger as it seems like he cut himself. To their relief, it is actually tomato skin which looks like red blood. 

G-dragon give more cute reactions, therefore it is hard not to notice him. He simply make so many hand gestures and distracted me from Taeyang.

Anybody like the way G-dragon do these cute facial expressions? Those boyish charm and cute baby smile!!! All the foods look so delicious, it is really hard to choose the best dish that suit their taste bug. Oh, the agony of having to choose the best dish is so difficult. 

Thank you Taeyang and G-dragon for coming to the show. I love to see them simply relax and smiling happily. They truly deserve all the love from their fans. Bang, Bang, Bang!


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