Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Return of Superman episode 98

Sarang was asked to feed G-dragon oppa Her foods. At first she refused but in the end decided to feed him with her spoon. I am sure many people want to be in her shoes! 

Now they have became closer and starts to play with each other. Sarang even gave him a hug at the back. I think G-dragon really gets along well with kids because he is taking things slowly without giving any pressure to the kid. Therefore, he succeed in getting close to Sarang. 

To end things in a nice note, G-dragon brought a pink mitten hat for Sarang. How cute when both G-dragon and Sarang wore the same mitten hat and took a picture. Sarang even took G-dragon oversize cap and place it on her head. I love the selfie picture and the farewell hug! A pity that Sarang would not kiss G-dragon on the cheek. Hahaha.. Anyway this is a heartwarming and cute goodbye. 


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