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一时冲动,七世不祥 (A Moment of Impulse Leads to Seven Lifetimes of Misfortune)

Lately I have been into Chinese novels, or rather, more into audiobooks or radio dramas. So I decided to try my hand at translating and I have chosen this book to be my very first project! This is a fantasy novel by 九鷺非香 (Jiu Lu Fei Xiang). It is basically about deities and reincarnation etc… It basically entails the misadventures of a 2 deities who eventually become a couple in the end. The interactions between them are adorable and at times hilarious. Of course, not everything is happy and there is a little bit of angst but it still has a happy ending (which was satisfying to me at least). The two deities get off on the wrong foot on the first day they meet, end up in a fight that messes up everyone’s romantic fate (those red threads!). So as a punishment, they have to end up having to spend 7 'bitter' lifetimes with each other.

Synosis from (SSB):
Impulse is the devil!
Xiao Xiang Zi comes to understand this old adage so much better after she meets that nightmare of a guy. However, no matter how great her understanding is, it’s still difficult to contain the burning flames of an impulsive spirit… that jerk… the jerk who makes other people want to stab over and over at first sight! Benevolent Buddha, almighty Jade Emperor, oh author and readers who don’t retaliate even after your dignity has been smashed to smithereens! Anybody at all! Please tell her.
How can she control her impulse…?
P.S. A gentle warning from the beautiful author: impulse really is the devil~

Character Profiles:

Xiao Xiang Zi (Female Lead): 
Originally a puff of cloud that was passing by Yue Lao’s residence and was suddenly turned into a fairy (celestial entity).  Hence, commencing her life in the heavens and working under Yue Lao. Since her route to becoming a deity did not involve any meditation or training, she is somewhat lacking in knowledge and her skill is mediocre (not very strong). Due to her original form being a puff of cloud suddenly getting turned into a deity by Yue Lao, she is somewhat naïve, rush and has a unique process thought.  She is about 300 years old and has a complex about her name as the Xiao (at the beginning of her name) and the Zi (at the end) is similar to a eunuch’s name in ancient times. 

Chu Kong (Male Lead): 

A celestial star deity who crosses path, actually he kind of crashes into Xiao Xiang Zi one day – the day of their enmity. From the moment he unceremoniously crashes into Yao Lao’s residence, both he and Xiao Xiang Zi dislike each other. Their encounters leads to a fights and results in Yue Lao’s red threads to be messed up (running the matrimony fates of the mortals). He is arrogant, tactless and (mostly) mean (towards Xiao Xiang Zi) and does not really know how to express himself properly.  **** Spoiler: His background is related to the big bad that almost destroys the world. ***

Yue Lao: An elderly deity, white beard and all, who is supposed to be in charge of the matrimonial fates of humans. But unlike his outer appearance of being  reliable, it turns out that he likes to drink, is lazy and randomly connects the red threads. While drinking and gazing out at the sky one day, he decides (in his drunken impulse inspiration) to turn Xiao Xiang Zi into a fairy. After ‘turning’ her, he makes her work for him as 'free' labor while he skives off work (with no one knowing of course).

Jade Emperor:
The one who oversees everything in all the 3 realms and the one who decides on the lead characters punishment. He assigned General Li to write their mortal fates for 7 lifetimes.

Zhi Hui: A 10 thousand year old demon, whose original form is that of a demonic stone. He encounters the couple in their 2nd lifetime and is somewhat of a recurring character that helps the couple to realize their feelings for each other: his appearance in the 2nd lie time, unsettles Chu Kong (seeing him as a love rival).

Emperor of Hades: His temperament is opposite of what his job description is - that is the afterlife. Or rather you could say that it is precisely of the nature of this job, that he want to find some fun and break out of the mundane cycle. So instead of a gloomy, serious, stern Hades, he is rather childish, jovial and loves to make fun of the couple, much to their chagrin. He is one of the major supporting characters.

General Li: Tasked with writing the ill-fates of the couple for 7 lifetimes, he seems to have a fetish for tsundere and is a little sadistic wanting one to chase the other and.. just suffer. However, despite his enthusiasm, since the couple know of his plans, they try to and successful thwart his plans. They end up spoiling almost all the fates' General Li has written. So much so that he gets so upset and dejected that he quits writing their fates after the 3rd lifetime or so since nothing he wrote every went accordingly to the script (director fail! lol).

And so with that, the (more important) characters have been introduced!

Update: This has actually been fully translated by volarenovels so you can read it all here 

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