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Drama Review: Vampire Idol

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A naive vampire prince from Vampire planet visits Earth to see a live performance of his favorite idol contender. He remains stuck on Earth with his three trusted and loyal servants. He then decides to join the competition himself and struggles to become a global pop idol. - taken from wikipedia

As expected, this drama is so cute and hilarious. Unlike other vampire stories, it is refreshing to see a light hearted comedy drama rather than being scary. What attracts me to the show is our three handsome actors/models. The title of the drama says it all. Vampire Idols is about idols which means we get to see many eye candies. Of course there is something to look forward to the look department in every episode. 

I really enjoyed this series because of the hilarious storytelling. These vampires are really cute when they tried to adjust to human lifestyle. They were simply naive, gullible and funny in their own ways. Being an "alien" to the earth planet, they encountered many incidents and situations that they cannot handle. I would highly recommend this drama if you have not watch it. 

I got to admit that I am interested in the drama because there are many eye candies. These models are so professional and it makes my heart fluttered like crazy when they posed like this. The funny moments are when they doubt their good looks because in their vampire planet, they are considered the ugly bomb! 

Even when having his make over in the hair salon, Hong Jong Hyun still look so good. Unbelievable! But it is expected of models right? Anyway I like his nerdy and socially awkward role in this show. He is gentle like the rabbit but has a high IQ. Since he is a genius, he proved to be knowledgeable.  In him we can find a walking dictionary that seems to know many things.  

Lee Soo Hyuk is another hottie in this drama. Among the vampires, he is the most loyal bodyguard. The prince saved his life, therefore he is full of gratitude towards him. He is the the most powerful warrior that serve the loyal highness. My first impression of him is that of an oddball who is fair and has sharp features. His character is very righteous and kind. However, he is sensitive to blood and is the only one that resembles a vampire. 

Kim Woo Bin, what can I say except that he look so manly and childlike at the same time? His naive and gullible personality is so endearing. While watching the show, I fell for his pure heart and interesting character. In this show, he has Super sharp hearing and is dorky.

This is the vampire prince Lee Jung . He is the one that make the show so funny and adorable with his humor and cuteness. Due to his "ugly" looks by Korean standard, he is often criticised. However, he is perfect in vampire planet. Sometimes he can be irritating or annoying, however he is pure at heart. Actually, he behaved like a child and depend a lot on his servants. He have a one sided love on Girls Girls leader Woo Hee.

They portray a cunning couple in this show. Dong-yup is the vampire earth guide, who is supposed to take care of the prince while they are on earth. However, he and his wife Soo mi were scheming to steal the prince diamond necklace. Due to the fact that liar Dong-yap is a vampire therefore he will not grow old. This is very sad since the lady is a human that married a vampire. 

She is Min-Kyung. Her nickname is thunder as she is known for her fast delivery of foods to the customers on her motorbike. One day, she accidentally knocked onto the vampire prince and befriended him. She is a homeless but hardworking girl. Later on she became a road manger and then the vocalist of a girl group. 

These are the Korean girl group Girls Girls. Ironically, Minah is a member of a girl group called Girls Day too. They portray the Korean idols with different personalities. Woo Hee being the daughter of the entertainment company boss has a fiery temper and is bossy. The rest of the members are sexy kitten Soo yuen, cutie pie Minah and mysterious stylish girl Yu-bi.

Kwanghee who acted as himself in this show is comical and cute. He does act like a diva calling himself Hwang prince. His exaggerated expressions can be irritating at times. However, kwanghee is quite suitable for this role. 


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