Sunday, March 22, 2015

SG50 Countdown at Marina bay: The Float

This was the first time I went to a New Year countdown party at Marina bay: The Float. The reason that I went for this countdown party is solely because of Big Bang! Initially I like Big Bang songs, but not to the extend of being a big fan (VIP). My friend and I decided to head down to Marina bay: The Float with a mass crowd and queue up for almost 2 hours to get into the venue. We brought $20 tickets which were the cheapest, therefore we were allocated to the seats which were at the side of the stage. 

I was very excited about watching Big Bang performance since this will be the first time I ever watch the Korean boyband perform live onstage. Although I had watched G.D solo concert before, I have never watch Big Bang perform as a group. I have to say that their performance was spectacular and entertaining. What surprised me the most was their choice of clothings. They still looked like fashion icon, especially G-dragon. However, I pity them for performing at the outdoor stage in Singapore. Having to sing and dance onstage in a hot weather was crazy! Kudo to their professionalism! They performed for almost 1hour and should be well paid for their efforts. 

It was indeed worth the wait and all the anticipation that night. They surprised me by singing so many songs. I simply love the whole group performing together onstage. Their stage presence were fanastic and their songs were so upbeat. Many fans screamed at the top of their voices. The sound system was a letdown, however it does not dampen the mood of their fans as they were also seen swaying and dancing to Big Bang music. No doubt, their performance was definitely the Hightlight of the day. 

A big thank you to my friend  who is a big fan of Big Bang for taking all the pictures during the performance. I had great memories of the night and the atmosphere was simply marvelous. That was probably one of the best performance I have ever seen. 

That night Big Bang sang seven songs: 1) Fantasic baby 2) Tonight 3) Lies 4) Bad boy 5) Feeling 6) Gara gara go 7) G.D x Taeyang Good boy 

Big Bang showcased an unforgetable performance. I did not regret purchasing the ticket to SG countdown 50. In addition, I would most likely watch their live performances if they come back for Asia concert tour. 

Who is your favorite Big Bang member? I personally enjoyed the performance of them in a group. G.D is stylish and handsome, Top is hot, cool and suave (notably the worst dancer in BB), Taeyang is charismatic and dances well, Daesung is cute and sings well. Last but not least, Seungri is a charming chap. I heard that Big Bang will make a comeback album this year. Who is excited about their comeback album? Hopefully we will see them soon! 

This will probably be the first and the last time ever for me to join in a countdown party. I do not like mass crowd and the time wasted to queue up for hours just to get into the venue. At the end of the day, it was pretty exhausting, having to push and squeeze between many people in the line. 

However, Big Bang make all the waiting worth it. After the performance that night, I became their big fan too. I am joining in the VIP club. :)

Wow! Fantastic baby 

The rest of the performance of SG 50, was mostly boring. Accept for the performance of Malaysian diva Siti Nurhaliza, homegrown singer Stefanie Sun, Veteran singer Kit Chan and Famous song-writer Dick Lee. 

Not to forget the beautiful fireworks in the sky. Everyone look up at the sky and make a wish. Happy New Year! 


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