Friday, February 10, 2012

TOP's Blue Hair Only the Beginning... Other Members More Shocking Transformation

After the revealing of TOP's striking transformation, many are anticipating the change in the rest of the members styles.

On February 6th, YG posted a picture of TOP, in which he had blue hair and expressed his masculinity. After the release of the picture many fans commented "TOP's stare and hair color captures the attention of the audience", "he can pull of not only silver hair, but even bright blue hair" etc.

However, YG stated that this is merely the beginning. During the phone call with OSEN, YG stated that "Other Bigbang members have gone through a transformation that is probably as shocking as TOP's. We especially put an emphasis on the hair styles and will probably surprise the fans".

Moreover, YG stated "fashion-wise, Bigbang will display a variety of styles. Not only will the members be emphasizing their masculinity as TOP did in the revealed picture, but they will be showing a variety of concepts for their stage outfits".

The fans' excitement has been growing as Bigbang's comeback was officially signaled. There has been many inquiries if 'Fantastic Baby', which is on the top right-hand corner of the picture that was released, is the title track. However,YG has remained silent to this question.

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