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Big Bang Made concert in Singapore

Big Bang held their world tour MADE at Singapore indoor stadium on 18 and 19 July. My friends and I grabbed the category one seated tickets online once the tickets were released. I have always like their music and decided that I would not miss their concert this time round. Full of anticipation, I entered the venue excitedly with my sister and my friends. The stage setup is very nice, with all the lightings and the sound system is pretty good too. 

Bang Bang Bang

The concert begins around 7pm, although the time stated was 6pm. I guessed the organizer expected a crowd, especially at the standing mosh pit area. Bang! Bang! Bang! Their opening song got me moving and shaking with them! I love all their group performances and each of them got a chance to shine onstage with their individual performance too. I like the stage outfit of all the members, although the stage and the sound system could not be compared to other countries. All of them have the opportunity to build rapport with the audiences and they were interacting mostly in English and mandarin. Seungri is very comical as the "host" for Big Bang. Basically, his role is to interact with the funs, together with the spontaneous Daesung. However, it seems that they interacted a lot with the audience and I wished they could have sang more songs instead of repeating the same phrase.

G-Dragon rock the stage with his charisma

All of them have their solo performance onstage and I am impressed with their performances. I reckon that G-dragon is still as charming as usual and has lots of stage presence onstage. Despite his mediocre performance which is a little disappointing, but come on he is after all G-dragon the stylish and cute leader of Big Bang! Fans were seen cheering loudly for the talented G-dragon as he sang his hit songs such as Crooked. Either the Singaporean fans were too passive or Big Bang is trying to save some energy for the second day show, they seem to lack the enthusiasm that was usually seen on Youtube when they performed in other places such as Japan. Perhaps, Big Bang was tired from the World tour, they seem a little tired onstage as compared to their performance at SG50 New year countdown. On the other hand, Seungri impressed the audience with his personal charm that resembled a bit of Justin Timberlake.

Daesung solo stage

It is noted that Daesung vocal shone during the solo performance. He is actually a good singer but his talent in singing can be overlooked in a group. Therefore, I am glad that he has a chance to play the drum and sing a song individually. We can finally see his smiley eyes as he covered his eyes with the fringe while sing Loser. At least Daesung moved around onstage and interacted with the audience like a professional performer.

If you

Taeyang is one of the more passionate and hardworking performer during the concert. I can sense and feel that he love to perform onstage. His rendition of his classic song - Eye, nose, lips and wedding dress were impressive. It is not a half-hearted performance and I can feel that he put his heart and soul into those songs. 

Great performance by TOP

Top is a handsome and charming chap with a huge fan base too. He look so cool as the rapper in Big Bang. I think he looks good in any outfit and hairstyle. Long time no see, long time no see!!! The girls must be smitten with his tall statue and good looks. Every time the Big Bang members appeared in the video clips or onstage, the fans were heard screaming their lungs out! Anyway, I do enjoyed the cool "Uncle rapper" Top performances. Binggu Top is just too cool to be bothered and yes he is really a great actor as seen in those Big Bang video clips.

Seungri dancing like Justin Timberlake

Seungri spoke a lot during the concert and entertained the audience very much. He is indeed a hardworking young chap that is loved by his hyungs. Sadly, Big Bang did not sing their previous classic songs such as Tonight and Monster. Their performance for fantastic baby, Bad boy and Good Boy were mediocre and left more to be desired. Despite that, we were still craving for more of Big Bang.

The concert ended with Bang! Bang! Bang! again. It is noted that Big Bang sang most of the new songs such as Sober, We like to party, Loser, Bae Bae. I love how Big Bang explained the context of the song innocently such as the meaning of rice cake is not linked to sex. Big Bang sang one of my favourite song which is a ballad - If you. They sang the song very well and each members characteristic was nicely featured in the song itself. After the performance on Saturday, my sister wanted to go for their Sunday performance which unfortunately we did not purchase on the second day. Anyway, it is too late to purchase the concert tickets. She regretted not purchasing the tickets for both days. Let's look forward to their future performance before they go for their military training. Perhaps, we could watch their performance oversea? That could make the money spend more worth it!

Big Bang fooling around

Cutie Top!

G-dragon leading Big Bang


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