Saturday, August 08, 2015

DramaQueen pick: Girl's Day and their fashion disaster

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Girl's Day comprises of leader and main vocalist Sojin,  lead vocalist Minah, rapper Yura and lead dancer Hyeri. Unlike other girl groups, this four ladies each have distinctly different characteristic which is very important in any idol group. The members must be able to harmonize in a group, at the same time their individuality should be prominent as well. 

I have noticed Girl's Day since they released their hit songs such as Expectation and Something. Eversince their rise to popularity, they have being sticking to the same formula which is to explicit sex in order to achieve success.  However, what I truly dislike about Kpop culture is the intention to be overly sexual or outrageously cute in their music. Can't they find a balance in the way they protray themselves as an artiste? There is something call classy, elegant, sexy and cute  concept. Once they crossed the line, it can be easily seen as slutty, distasteful, vulgar and attention seeking to the point of being desperate.  

The entertainment agencies seem to enjoy banking on the sexual department and exploit the girls visual aspect in order to raise popularity of their artistes and to pocket more money. These artistes were like packaged products displayed on stage just to satisfy men. I agreed that Korean entertainment can be very competitive and cruel. However, it is sad that the artiste have to compromise themselves to act in a certain way just for the visual pleasure of the men and to gain more fanboys. 

The Girl's Day recent comeback album has unexpectedly received backslash from the general public. Their popularity was shaken due to the recent controversy about their diva attitude and now their wardrobe malfunction. Like most of the comments I have read, Girl's Day really need to change their style and their dressing! Why is everyone following the footstep of Hyuna? 

Dream Tea entertainment, please fire their stylist and choreographer now! They are doing much more damage to Girl's Day image. That being said, Girl's Day also do not need to tease the boys with those awkwardly "sexy" pose. These girls really need to understand the true meaning of being sexy. However, I do not agree to netizens calling them names or humiliating them in public or at any forum. These girls work for a living after all. They may not even have a say in their own clothings. There may be a reason why the girl group have to end their promotion early and wrap everything up within three weeks. Despite the negativity surrounding the girl group, I can see the girls hard work and ambitions in the Kpop industry.

Girl's Day singing - Adele Someone like you 

These four pretty girls are not without talent, Sojin and Minah can sing well, Yura can rap decently and Hyeri can dance as well as the others. However, the girls were always packaged to please the men sexually which I do not understand. As seen in the video, Minah has a powerful vocal and Sojin has a sexy deep voice. I am impressed with the way they sang at picnic live music show. Even Hyeri and Yura were pleasantly decent in their singing. They were attractive in this showcase and how I wish people will take this girl group more seriously. 

In conclusion, Girl's Day cannot pull off a sexy performance with all members. Minah and Hyeri were too awkward with their sexiness. Please just let them be themselves with all those aegyo (cuteness). In this idol group, only Yura can execute the attitude of being sexy. A big no no to Sojin for her idea of being showily sexy. However, I do know she is feminine and sexy in her own way. This article may be delicated to Girl's Day and their wrong direction in music style, but it is also my thoughts on the trend in exploiting the sexuality in Kpop culture in which I am rather disappointed. 


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