Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Love triangle between Hong Jong Hyun, Nana and Yura?

Recently, there was a rumor about actor-model Hong Jong Hyun and Nana from girl group Afterschool dating. It is supposed to be a good news since both of them look visually pleasing to the eyes. However, Hong Jong Hyun was being criticized for being in the reality variety program - We Got married. Netizens left comments such as Hong Jong-Hyun should not participate in the program because apparently only singles were allowed to appear in the variety show, since they have to act as virtual couple convincingly to the viewers. 

Hong Jong Hyun and Nana later denied the report and stated that they are only close friends that hang out occasionally. Although the producers of We Got Married came out to address this issue and stated that all the couples that appears in the program have to sign an agreement to state that they are currently single, fans still expressed anger towards Hong Jong Hyun, believing that he was two timing Yura and Nana all these while. Out of curiosity, I watched Style log and came out with my opinion and comparison based on my assumptions. 

It is really difficult to read Hong Jong Hyun thoughts since he is very smart and have a calm and quiet personality. On the other hand, Yura from Girl's Day seem to really like Jong Hyun a lot and expresses it well. Despite the fact that they look cute and matching in personality and appearance, sometimes they appeared to have a oppa and dongseung (slibings) relationship rather than Jong Hyun having any romantic feelings towards Yura.

At times, Jong Hyun appears to have a cold attitude towards Yura, which he claimed that is actually his introvert character. However, Yura is patient with him and treat him with sincerity. That must have touched Jong Hyun heart as he gradually open up to Yura. They may not be a real couple, however one thing for sure is that they became closer friends with every episode in We Got Married. This couple have overcome their initial awkwardness and became more playful with each other. That itself is pleasing to the viewers as they clearly like each other and looked happy together.

Friends revealed that Hong Jong Hyun used to date older women. Although Nana is one year younger than Jong Hyun, they appears to be close in real life. In fact, they hosted a fashion program Style log together with Jo Minho. Perhaps due to the script, both Minho and Jong Hyun have to compete with each other for Nana affection. Minho is more friendly and outgoing, whereas Jonghyun takes care of Nana silently like what a gentleman does for his lady. Although Nana claimed that she is more comfortable with Minho and choose him over Jong Hyun, something tells me that she secretly admires Jong Hyun. However, I might be wrong since only they themselves know it. 

Nana is the master of pull and push game as her role in Style log requires her to firt and tease the two guys, making the show more interesting. Therefore, Jong Hyun seem to be seeking attention from Nana in Style log, whereas he received all the attention from Yura in We Got Married. 

In terms of personality, Yura image is more childish, bright and innocent. She laugh interestingly and appears to be more direct in expressing her interest in Jong Hyun. On the other hand, Nana carries herself with elegance and is more matured. She has more edge to her character which makes her attractive and appealing to others. 

In an interview, Hong Jong Hyun mentioned that his ideal type is someone that is bright and charming in her own ways. That happens to be describing the two ladies. He also stated that he is affectionate if he is interested in that girl. 

Shippers which ship do you sail? In my opinion, Yura and Jong Hyun look more compatible as a couple. During an interview, Jong Hyun mentioned that he keeps in contact with these two beautiful ladies. It is wise of him to say that he does maintain his friendship with them, since we never know about the future. 


  1. Ohhh...this very OLD news not recent. Recent news, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura reunion few weeks ago. When Girlsday comeback with Ring My Bell in Inkigayo, Hong Jong Hyun gift to Yura 3 roses and a cake to support her. He also bought Yura's cover. That's great friendship. Like they promised, they still do keep in touch.

  2. It's been a while since this couple aired on WGM, yet I'm still quite fond of both Yura and Jong Hyun (as a couple and as separate individuals) and follow news about them. I really appreciate your objective analysis of HJH's relationships with Yura and Nana. I'm a Jjongah shipper, but I'd support either couple. Honestly though, I'm re-watching all of the jjongah moments from wgm right now (criess)

    1. me too... i thought im such a weirdo since there few new couple... but they cant beat Jjongah couple based on sincerity...

  3. I really want to see Jjongah couple get married in real life cause they seems so cute being together and i really worship their relationship. I cant really expresses myself when im sad but knowing that it'd ended, i cried lol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!

  4. _as of now i enjoying watching them in we got married, i really do... they chemistry being together seems to be a real husband and wife... i hope yura and jong hyun will be real couple in the future...💖💖💖 i miss you yura and jong hyun... please give them k. drama together... 🙏🙏🙏