Monday, August 17, 2015

DramaQueen pick: Infinity Challenge

Nowadays I was highly entertained by this popular Korean variety show - Infinity Challenge. Big Bang in the house!!! Of course I am excited about the show. These talented musicians and producers were invited to the show to coach the members of Infinity Challenge for an upcoming music festival. We can see how hard each team trained and prepared themselves for the big day. Honestly, this is the first time I watched Infinity Challenge and it was surprisingly entertaining. The cast was led by veteran National MC Yoo Jae Soo. The cast went through some shuffling due to some druken incidents. Right now, the cast comprised of Park Myung Soo, Jung Hyung Don, Hwang Kwanghee, Jung Jun Ha and Haha.

1) G-dragon, Taeyang and Kwanghee

Oh my gosh! Kwanghee is such a fanboy of Big Bang! If i am Kwanghee, I will be very excited to work with these cool guys too! In my opinion, Kwanghee is really a very funny and annoying comedian idol from boy band ZEA. Yes, he is loud, noisy and often look for attention onscreen after he admitted to plastic surgery. However, those first impression of mine gradually changed after watching Infinity Challenge. He is indeed trying hard to be a good entertainer. My jaws dropped at his performance of Ailee I'll show you. I am so surprised at this guy craziness and energy! Behind the smile of this man, I saw a person that is sincerely trying hard to do his best to please everyone. He even threw away his baggage of being an idol. As a comedian, he always tries to be outrageous in order to gain more fans, even to the extent of damaging his image. He always say that he can't sing or dance. However, that is not really true. He is just fitting into his variety persona and because of that, people cannot take him seriously after all his antics. This guy has a nice soothing voice and he just need to be more confidence and practice singing more often.
Kwanghee and Yewon - I can only see you

I was a little upset with the way GD commented about Kwanghee. He actually joked that Kwanghee is not funny, cannot sing or dance and that they made a bad decision to choose Kwanghee. They were also worried about their screen time because Kwanghee is not entertaining. On the other hand, Kwanghee can only smile and his eyes looks like a wounded puppy. I understand that Kwanghee had jokingly placed Taeyang in third place during one of the episode. That is supposed to be a joke but there were many backslash on Kwanghee due to this issue. Kwanghee received even  more negative comments because he said that he is as good as Seungri in his ability to sing. Just leave this poor guy alone, he does not need to suffer all these criticism. It is already very stress to work with these big names. Anyway, it is indeed cute and interesting when these same age friends displayed closeness towards each other. I love the way they danced together and make merry, while getting to know each other. Their performance song is extremely good with  Big Bang style. What a great way to start a dance party with Kwang-Tae-Ji. :) 
G-Dragon and Taeyang - Good boy

2) JYP and Yoo Jae Suk

I love Yoo Jae Suk imitating the Big Bang song - Bae Bae. This guy is amazingly talented. I like how JYP work so hard to produce their performance song and think of the choreography. Yoo Jae Suk love dancing and he choose JYP over the rest of the musicians. They are honestly very funny and cute in their interactions. "I'm so sexy!" I am looking forward to their performance!
Dancing king - JYP

3) IU and Park Myung Soo

This is the most unexpected pair to be partnered together. IU is known for being a good song writer and she had actually chosen Myung Soo for her ballad song. However, Myung Soo is a DJ and he is a big fan of Electronic dance music (EDM). As a result, both of them were insistent and fighting over their music style. Despite Myung Soo harsh comments and overbearing ways, he did accept and integrate IU style into his EDM in the end. Although, initially I think that Myung Soo has a  sharp tongue and is quite irritating, he seem not that bad after all when he respected IU music style. 
IU and Myungsoo

Jae Hwan is Myung Soo song writer and he is a big fan of IU. Surprisingly, he is not just a regular fanboy. He is actually a good musician. I like the way he rapped on IU song and even coaches Myung Soo. I can see that IU is impressed with Jae Hwan. Their song is the most anticipated due to their total different style. Is their chemistry going to lead them to victory? 

4) Hyung Don and Hyuk Oh

Hyung Don variety persona is that of an arrogant and boastful person. Yes, he is considered one of the entertainer that has the most potential. However, he seem to think highly of himself, of course he could be just playing his role in the variety show. Anyway, he choose to work with the rising indie band Hyuk Oh. The underground band were generally new to the world of Variety and the vocalist Hyuk oh is very quiet and slow in answering questions. They have some conflict over the style of music as Hyun Don wanted something upbeat for the summer party. In the end, they choose the country music which create atmosphere for a dance. Do you anticipate their performance? 
Hyuk Oh - Panda bear

5) Jung Jun Ha and Yoon Sang

Yoon Sang is a well respected musician/ producer in the Korean music industry. He is the senior to the hoobaes and is at the status of JYP. He used to sing popular ballads in the past and is producing music now. It is hilarious that Myung Soo criticized Yoon Sang performance saying that he is "the dirt among the diamonds". That is kind of rude although it is for entertainment purposes. However, that does not change his status as a veteran musician. 

On the other hand, Jun Ha is really funny as the out of place hip hop tribal leader. He looks weird and funny in those unfashionable baggy clothes. His rapping is so monotone and out of rhythm that it became embarrassing when he tried to rap. He is among the least popular choices among the Infinity Challenge members. After lots of practices, his awkward rapping was corrected by the ever reliable rap master Beenzino. I am excited about what the team will come out with the recruit of these talented artistes such as Sistar powerful house Hyorin! With so many talented artistes assisting, I am anticipating their music!
Rapper Beenzino album Fall

6) Zion T and Haha

This two musicians were expected to produce something amazingly good due to their similar background as musicians. Haha is in a reggae group with Skull and Haha. On the other hand, Zion T is a great musician with a music style that is similar to Kanye West. He is a talented and well received Korean musician. I like the way their music style blended together. They seem to be the least stressful and portrayed themselves simply as friends that came together to play music. That is the feeling I have when l look at this team. Put your hands up for Zion T and Haha! 
Zion T - Yanghwa Bridge


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