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Takashi Kashiwabara getting married?

Takashi Kashiwabara and Yuki Uchida has been dating each other since 2010, till now they have been dating for 5 years. Recently, there were rumours that the couple is going to tie the knot soon. There was a picture taken by a paparazzi showing the Yuki Uchida picking up Takashi Kashiwabara at the sports hall.

It is known that Takashi kashiwabara love to play soccer and he even organized a soccer team in Japan. Media reported that Yuki Uchida has drove to the venue to cheer for Takashi Kashiwabara. After that, they were spotted leaving the venue together as Takashi Kashiwabara took over the wheels.  

Both of them worked together in Japanese drama - Big Wings, and they each had a failed marriage. Many years later, they met through mutual friends and were soon dating each other. This handsome couple should be celebrated, however Takashi Kashiwabara is rumoured to be a man with violence tendency. Therefore, many people frowned upon their relationship. However, it seems like the couple is still enjoying their lovey-dovey relationship and after all these years and it has shocked those people who said that their relationship will not last long.  - Source taken from Friday.
DramaQueen thoughts: Takashi Kashiwabara and Yuki Uchida were known to protect their privacy fiercely. Since the both of them were inactive in the entertainment industry, I am surprised that the media is still so concern about this two celebrities. Anyway, it seems like the both of them enjoyed each other company. All the best to the couple!

內田有紀柏原崇5年情濃 傳好事近了

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