Sunday, August 02, 2015

Girl's Day had a bad day because of dumplings

Girl's Day recently were surrounded with controversy about them being rude and inconsiderate to the host of the live boardcast show at Afreeca TV. Yes, it is indeed a major issue considering how Koreans values respect and mannerism in their country. Therefore, it is not surprising that Girl's day came under fire for their apparent rude behaviour onscreen. I came to know more about Girl's Day through we got married. In the reality variety show, I do not see the girls group as rude and arrogant. Especially Yura who appears to be sweet, cheerful and adorable. However, Girl's Day were known to be a glutton for foods and their apparent "childish behaviour" onscreen. There is a reason why they are called Girl's Day and not Lady Day. Their image is simply childish and whiny filled with aegyo. In my opinion, there are a few reasons why the girls behaved this way and frankly speaking it takes two hands to clap. Everyone plays a part to make a show interesting and entertaining to the viewers.

While watching their interview at the chat room, I noticed Hyeri looking tired and lethargic. While netizens complained about their lack of professionalism, we should not forget that they are humans too. I think this became a big issue since Hyeri always seem to be bright and active in any programme, however she looked really tried in this interview. Many people compared Girl's Day to other idol groups such as Girls Generation, Super junior and Big Bang, calling the girls names just because of this matter. However, we never know how hard it is to be an idol and it does gets tiring to marathon their busy schedules at so many major broadcasting stations.  Considering that it was late at night and they looked really sleepy, I think that leads to girls behaving carelessly and causally onscreen. Hyeri speaking informally to the viewers and looking like she does not want to be here.  Minah was even whiny and complained about foods like a spoilt brat. Is that being comfortable or rude? Calling the host silly in a joking manner can be a big issue if you are an idol too. Girl's Day need to take this lesson positively and improve their public image.

The main problem lays with the host Choi Goon for being passive and green, he is unable to take control of the whole interview. He immediately explained about the situations after the whole controversy and clear up the misunderstandings by stating that he intend to change the concept of the interview to something more casual. However, I think the idea was not being well communicated to the members and is obviously not working well. Different people interprets things in their own ways, as viewers we do have our own set of thinking too. Therefore, the girls did their interview in such a manner as what was being conveyed to them personally before the interview. This miscommunication could be everyone's fault since they knows that this is a live broadcasting,  and they should be aware of what they are doing. What you see is what you get! There is no such thing as editing and making it into a perfect interview. I observed from the video that Girl's Day were simply in their own world, being totally distracted by the delicacies on the table. The poor host was sitting on the floor or standing behind the girls. That makes Girl's Day looked really mean and impolite to the MC. I understand what is the fuss about the girls behaviour as they seemed to be occupied with the foods and ignored the host most of the time. This is really a mistake on the girls part and they did apologized for being inconsiderate.

The matter got blown out of proportion when Sojin refused to eat the dumplings that the host bought for the girls. Instead of being appreciative, Sojin placed the plate of dumplings on the floor and claimed that the girls does not like to eat dumplings. I agree with most of the comments stating that Sojin could have left the dumplings on the table if they don't like to eat and at least thank the host for preparing the delicacies. Unfortunately, Sojin being the eldest in the group and as a leader mishandled the situation with her gestures and facial expressions. She may mean it as a joke but people naturally think that she is been unappreciative and has a diva attitude based on her reactions. She used her chopsticks to feed the host dumpling and later complained about his lips touching her chopsticks and she immediately change to a new pair of chopsticks. That is rather uncalled for at the beginning since she does not need to feed the host anyway. I agree that the girls really did badly in the interview and the host did nothing except fooling around with the camera. This might not be a big issue if Girl's Day were to host the talk show by themselves. Anyway, what is done cannot be undone. Hopefully everyone learns a lesson from this mistake. Like what was commented many times before, haters will continue to hate. Supporters will continue to support. Let's give all of them a break and move on.


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