Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Wonder Girls promoting Korean Food in Dalian

Popular girl group Wonder Girls came to Dalian to promote Korea's agricultural produce and at the same time, to kick-start the world-wide "Smart Choice! k-food" campaign. During the interview, Wonder Girls introduced Korean delicacies as well as reveal some of their future plans. After the event, Wonder Girls performed at the Dalian Fashion Festival.

Riding on the success of their song Nobody, Wonder Girls are known not only in Asia, but internationally. They spent most of their time abroad and because of this, Wonder Girls were appointed as the ambassador for Korean Food. With this global recognition, the Wonder Girls are not only trusted to promote Korean music, but also to spread the awareness of Korean culture.

Even with their busy schedules the girls will occasionally cook Korean food on their own. Sunye's cooking skills were said to be the best. She would often cook for the other members and she likes to put in a few pieces of ddeok in whatever she cooks. When Yubin is not in Korea, she loves to eat seaweed and will often carry a few packets with her. On the other hand, Yeeun is obsessed with food that can help protect her vocals e.g. ginseng and pear juice. The cute Lim likes kimchi and needs to have it at every meal. The quiet Sohee likes spicy food because it helps in relieving stress. With the fall season looming, Wonder Girls recommended citron tea to Chinese fans because "citron tea contains high amount of vitamins and can help in protecting the vocals and immune system"

In line with being the ambassador for Korean Food, Wonder Girls will also be recording a theme song and take part in a MV and a photoshoot. They are also in the midst of preparing for their US album and a Korean album scheduled to release in October. Also, they will be returning back to US to start on the filming for their telemovie - Wondergirls at the Apollo, directed by Nick Cannon. The girls are currently looking through the script and practising their lines.

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Translation Credits: Min Sun Ye Baidu Bar


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