Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fahrenheit Calvin Chen's alleged engagement to a Singaporean girl

The eligible bachelor is said to be off the market and allegedly engaged to a Singaporean girl who claims to be his fiancee. Is Jolene Tang a lucky lass or just another ardent groupie of Taiwanese artiste Calvin Chen?

According to Taiwanese media reports, Calvin from Fahrenheit boyband is currently in a stable relationship with a Singaporean girl by the name of Jolene Tang. When the media clarified the rumours with Jolene, the Singaporean girl readily admitted that she is Calvin's girlfriend and said that they were introduced to each other through a common friend during his promotional activities in Singapore.

So how did they maintain their long-distance relationship? Jolene revealed that they "relied on sending text messages" because of the expensive charges on overseas phone calls.

She also added that it has been years since she last saw him and replied, "He's busy at work, I have to be understanding towards him," when reporters asked about their last meeting. According to Jolene, Calvin proposed to her on Aug 28 via Facebook and she agreed to his proposal. Despite her attempts to convince reporters that she is not a groupie or Calvin's fan, reporters found her name listed on various Fahrenheit fanclub websites and forums.

When news of his supposed "engagement" was released on a variety programme hosted by Calvin, ratings soared and the singer-actor laughed in reply, "I don't use Facebook and I am not engaged. But I would like to see how she looks like."



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