Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ariel Lin to take hiatus from TV dramas

The Taiwanese actress had taken to her blog to clear up untrue rumours about her boyfriend. Annoyed at the media -- who created untrue reports on her boyfriend -- Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin took to her blog to clear up the rumours.

In her blog entry, Ariel expressed her unhappiness at the media's choice of words when reporting on her latest drama "In Time with You". She noted that their reports undermined the sacrifices made by the production team. The actress added that she hoped future reports would be more truthful.

Ariel also admitted that her health was not how it used to be, ever since undergoing a brain cyst surgery three years ago. Her body could no longer take the stress of working on dramas. In the last 10 years, Ariel had been working 12 to 18 hours per day, which left her little time for her family. The actress announced that movies would become her career focus from now on.

Furthermore, Ariel, who had always been tight-lipped when it came to her love life, also opened up for the first time about her boyfriend. "It's no secret that I'm in a relationship. However, we chose to be private about it. He's never given me any trouble or has me worry about finances. He's never been married and he doesn't have a child. Of all the men I've met, he's definitely one of the best," Ariel wrote.

The actress's blog entry received tremendous support from her friends, who hoped that she could rest properly and enjoy her life.



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