Thursday, October 06, 2011

Cecilia Cheung fined for reckless driving

The newly-single Hong Kong actress was fined HK$2,500 (S$413) for her reckless driving incidents in March where she accidentally hit a 70-year-old cleaner. It was said that on the day of the accident, the actress had a fight with her ex-husband Nicholas Tse before rushing to her son's school to meet with the headmaster.

On the way to Lucas's school, Cecilia overtook a mini bus and stopped her car at a restricted area, which caused the mini bus driver to step on his emergency brake to avoid hitting her car. Two minutes later, while driving towards the Repulse Bay roundabout, Cecilia failed to notice that there was a cleaner from the Food and Hygiene Department working along the road and accidentally hit the cleaner when she made a right turn into South Bay Road.

It was reported that the 31-year-old did not stop to help the cleaner. Instead, it was the mini bus driver who rushed him to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment. The 70-year-old victim suffered from three fractured left ribs, a fractured bone on his left leg and sustained chest injuries from the collision.

Absent from court yesterday, Cecilia was represented by her lawyer Adonis Cheung, who pleaded guilty on behalf of the actress. In a haste to meet with her son's headmaster, the lawyer claimed that Cecilia did not notice the cleaner when the accident occurred. Her lawyer then presented Cecilia's self-written letter of apology which expressed the actress' regrets and promises to be "extra careful in future".

In view of Cecilia's admission towards the offences committed, the court fined the actress HKD$2500 (S$413) for her two reckless driving incidents.

Currently filming Dangerous Liaisons in Shanghai, Cecilia appeared calm and composed after hearing her sentence. Her manager expressed that the actress expressed deep regret over her actions, admitted



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