Thursday, October 06, 2011

Gigi Leung marries on the eve of ex-lover Ekin Cheng's birthday

The singer was so emotional that she cried when exchanging wedding rings with her husband. On Oct 3, 35-year-old Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung married her Spaniard boyfriend Sergio on the island of Ibiza at 8pm Hong Kong time.

The singer reportedly spent HK$2 million (S$400,000) on her wedding and had invited more than 80 friends and family members to witness her nuptials in Spain.

The groom had reportedly done the preparations for the wedding including flight arrangements, hotel and selection of wedding venue. Sergio even commissioned a local wedding gown designer to specially tailor-make the bridal gown for his bride.

As Gigi's mother has been a vegetarian for years, the couple decided the serve vegetarian dishes at the banquet. Sergio's family supported the couple's idea. It's no wonder Gigi's mother would not stop complimenting her son-in-law.

Gigi and Sergio's wedding was held at the beach. The couple shed tears of joy, when they exchanged their vows. Gigi was even so emotional when Sergio slipped the ring unto her finger that she cried. The groom later wiped her tears away.

The singer's bridesmaids, including Valen Hsu and Charlie Yeung, and a couple of other guests were moved to tears too. Although this was not the first time Gigi had donned a wedding gown, as she had worn countless in her movies, the feeling of putting on a gown which belonged to her felt different. Gigi smiled and said that her dream had finally come true.

She also described her husband as a naive, straightforward and humorous gentlemen and gave him full marks. "I never thought that I'd meet someone who would treat me well and make me feel like I am living in a dream. My mother and brother adore him too, even my friends compliment him. I feel really happy," Gigi said.

In other related news, it was reported that Gigi had chosen to get married on the eve of her former lover Ekin Cheng's 44th birthday, so as to show him that she could get married before he does.

Another report claimed that Ekin and girlfriend Yoyo Mung will register for marriage in the US, in spring next year. That was why Gigi chose to get married suddenly. Ekin's manager expressed that she would not comment on the reports. She added that the actor would announce any marriage plans personally and did not need the media to do the job for him.



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