Thursday, October 06, 2011

Karen Mok's fusion wedding bash

The newlyweds -- dressed in each other's traditional costumes -- danced with guests at their wedding

On Oct 1, Hong Kong singer Karen Mok married her German boyfriend Johannes at a winery in Florence, Italy, where a nine-table banquet was held. Each table was named after a Hollywood actor and shoes were used to decorate the table. Karen and Johannes sat at the table named 'Cinderella', where a shoe was creatively placed in the middle of a cake pan.

During the cake-cutting and champagne-popping ceremony, Karen changed into a tailor-made cheongsam. Johannes' father and Karen's elder brother then each made a speech on behalf of their families on stage. The ambience was warm and harmonious.

At the after party, Karen sang 'I Have a Dream' and exclaimed, "My dream [of marrying someone] finally came true!" Karen later "exchanged nationality" with Johannes; she wore a traditional German costume and Johannes put on a traditional Chinese suit for their first dance as a married couple. They were accompanied by a nine-piece band.

The guests had a great time and the band played on until 2am. The party ended with the newlyweds locked in a passionate kiss. The newlyweds will reportedly spend their honeymoon in Europe and will stay in Germany for a while before relocating to London.

Karen has yet to have any jobs lined up in October. It is believed that the singer will return to Hong Kong for work in November. The couple will hold a wedding banquet in Hong Kong in December for Karen's friends in showbiz.



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