Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wu Chun gets Surprise Desert Birthday Party

October 10th was Wu Chun's 32nd birthday. Currently working on the film SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG) in Beijing, he had a tight schedule. The team could not free Wu Chun to celebrate with his family in Brunei, so he spent his birthday at work.

The film shot a boulder attack on the Yangs. On Wu Chun's birthday, also on the set were Adam Chau Siu Chau, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Raymond Lam Fung, Vic Chou Yu Man, Yu Bo, Li Chen and Fu Xinbo. Although many on the team knew that it was Wu Chun's birthday, the producer asked everyone to prevent that they did not know and even banned him from wishing Wu Chun Happy Birthday. The goal was a surprise party for Wu Chun.

Because the location was a remote desert that was several hours by car from Beijing, the team asked workers to pick up the cake before sunrise in hopes of being able to reach the set before lunch to celebrate with Wu Chun. At Wu Chun's final close up before lunch, Chau Guoon and the other six sons unusually went to eat without waiting for Wu Chun. Only Wu Chun was left with other workers to continue the shoot. Actually they prepared a cake and waited outside the studio to wait for Wu Chun to finish. As soon as Wu Chun stepped out of the gates Chau Guoon and the six sons of Yang already gathered and sang the birthday song while presenting the super large cake. Wu Chun was both surprised and moved.

Wu Chun said that he usually took time off on his birthday to go home and keep his father company. Although this year he had to spend his birthday on the set, he truly never thought about everyone celebrating with him. As soon as he sang his on screen brothers and father singing the birthday song, he truly felt super warm and touched. It was the first time that he celebrated with so many brothers. Ekin and Lam Fung said that after months of working together the seven brothers were very close. The hardest part was keeping themselves from talking to Wu Chun. Yet when they saw how happy he was with the birthday cake, they knew that their plan was a success.


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