Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 2

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop > Episode 2
After Chi Soo rejects Eun Bi, he joins his friends who are waiting for him at the school gate. His friends ask if he knows that lady. And he replies, “She is just some crap I stepped on.” His friend why did he hold on to the crap. He innocently, replies “Because she called me oppa.” His friends are astonished with his reply. Chi Soo continues to lead his friends into the school.

Today is the first day Eun Bi starts her student teacher life. She is worried that she will meet the “high school” Chi Soo and consoles herself by telling herself that the chances to meet him are 1/33. Just at this moment, she sees class 33 and considers it an unlucky number.

When she enters the class, she is given a warm welcome by her students. Immediately, she scans through the class to make sure that Chi Soo is not in this class. She is relieved that Chi Soo is not the student of this class. However, her happiness dissipates when Chi Soo and his gang enters into the classroom. While Eun Bi is cleaning the floor, Chi Soo walks past and tells Eun Bi that he will not spread rumors about the 'incident'.

Eun Bi goes to her father's ramyun shop to look for one of her students that had played truant. She  arrives just in time to stop her student from bullying another person. It turns out that the student (Kim Ba Wool) is like a little brother to Eun Bi. They knew each other long ago.

Eun Bi is busy typing in the office after school and complaining about the ill treatment. By accidentally, she damages the printer and intends to hide it away. When she passes by the classroom, she sees Kim Ba Wool and Chi Soo fighting over a girl in the classroom. The policeman arrives and detains them at the police station. Director Oh gives a report to Chi Soo father, who then gives instructions to not allow Chi Soo to drive to school, and to start the take over of the ramyun snack store for his business development.

At the police station, Kim Ba Wool and Chi Soo both step out of the police station while So-yi and Eun Bi are waiting outside. To Ba Wool's disappointment, So-yi chooses to follow Chi Soo to his car.

The next day, Chi Soo discovers that his car wheels are missing. To his horror, his father tells him that it is not nice for him to drive to school since he is just a high school student. On the other hand, Eun Bi is late for school, so she stops a cab in the middle of the road. To her surprise, Chi Soo is in the cab. Eun Bi tries to confront Chi Soo regarding the open relationship (dating with a few people at the same time). She insists that they should not treat this lightly. Chi Soo counters back and leans closely to her and plants a kiss on her forehead. He adds, “Feelings are the easiest thing in the world, if you mess with me again, I will just date you.”

This is a nice episode which illustrates the different personality and mentality when it comes to relationship matters. Chi Soo and So-yi are ok with open relationship (cheating their on partner). Eun Bi and Ba Wool believe that one should not treat relationship lightly. Eun Bi was initially mistaken that Chi Soo is older than her and has a stable career. To her surprise, Chi Soo is a high school student and is instead 6 years younger than her. The introduction of Ba Wool was great and he seems like a problem kid who led a gang. The interaction between Ba Wool and Eun Bi was engaging. On the other hand, So-yi is a pretentious charater, and I hope to see her being ditched by both parties if she still insists on an “open relationship.”


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