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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 3

Chi Soo friends see him walking out of the hall wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, they ask him, “What are you doing here?” And he replies, “I have to clear something, let’s go.” Eun Bi is still in shocked while her friend Dong Joo looks for her. She eventually, finds Eun Bi at the hall, looking visibly lost. Dong Joo breaks the news that her father has been admitted to the hospital and she should go and see him.

The next scene brings us to the hospital. Eun Bi is anxiously looking for her father when she seesBa Wool calling out at a seriously bandaged man. Thinking that it is her father and she immediately goes forward to verify. When she realizes that it is a case of mistaken identity, she slaps Ba Wool 's head. At this moment, her father appears from behind and calls out to Eun Bi.

A similar scene on board the airplane incident in Episode 1's opening is shown. This time is another man, sipping from a cup while reading a newspaper. He greets the lady (same lady) beside him in Japanese and strikes a conversation with her. Midway their conversation, the man pauses for a moment and says , "Excuse me, your lips…." Before he gets a chance to finish his sentence, the lady jumps io the conclusion that he is going to say her lips are pretty. She mentions that this is the same old trick. To her surprise, the man uses his hand to wipe off the sauce at the corner of her lips. He tells her that her lips are warmer when they are beautiful, and to eat the food before it gets too cold. After that, he places the thumb in his mouth to taste the sauce, showing a face of dissatisfaction with the taste of the sauce.

EunBi is having a drink with Dong Joo and talking about her father getting a body check- up. Still brooding over the incident in school, Eun Bi asks Dong Joo for advice. Dong Joo thinks that some students wants to date Eun Bi and she advices her not to take the kids jokes seriously or else she will not survive as a student teacher in the school. Dong Joo then heads to the convenience shop to buy some snacks when somebody bumps into her. She turns ready to scold the man but is taken aback when she sees a handsome young man.
Eun Bi vents her frustration using the punch machine. The men seated around the table look down on her and think that she is weak. To their surprise, EunBi hits the punch machine real hard, breaking the records. The man walks past and was astonished by what he saw. Before Eun Bi can strike her third punch, Dong Joo pulls her away in embarrassment.

The man from the airplane goes to the hospital to look for someone. When the nurse sees him, she is swept away by his charm. She asks for the patient name, and the man says that he had written it somewhere. He finds it bothersome to look for the pierce of paper in his bag and he sleeps on the floor instead. The nurse gets worried and calls for emergency. Suddenly somebody pinches his nose , waking him up immediately. This person turns out to be Eun Bi's dad. The man calls him “Boss.” They have a chat at his bed and they talk about the agreement they had made earlier. The man recounts his adventures on his way here and complains about how bothersome it is. Subsequently, he lies on the bed. Eun Bi's dad pulls him out from the bed, and the man asks how his wife is and is her sexy temper still the same.

The next day, Eun Bi is walking through the entrance, trying to maintain cool about the incident. When she turns her back, she sees Chi Soo and his gang walking towards her direction, immediately she hides in a corner. Eun Bi had brought a new outfit for her gym lesson and was looking forward to have that as her first lesson. However, the coach discourages her , telling her not to conduct the lesson. Despite the discouragement, she continues with her gym lesson. To her surprise, only two students (one of them is class president Hyun Woo) attend the lesson, while the others don’t know how to play basketball.

To her relieve, Ba Wool (Crazy Chicken) brings his gang to the basketball court to join the game. Eun Bi is happy to see her students participating in the game and hopes that Cha Chi Soo will not appear. However, to her disappointment he arrives with his friends to join.

While Ba Wool and Chi Soo challenge each other, Eun Bi wants to run away from the game. However, Chi Soo stops her and insists that she has to play as the team is to have even numbers. Eun Bi and Ba Wool signal to each other and Eun Bi throws the ball to Ba Wool. He catches the ball from Eun Bi and scores a point. Chi Soo's friends try to distract Eun Bi by flirting with her., but to no avail. That is until it was Chi Soo's turn. He grabs hold of Eun Bi's waist and says she has muscular arms but her waist is that of a woman. Eun Bi turns wobbly and drops the basketball onto the floor. The coach and Dong Joo are watching the game at audience seats. They are talking about how easy Eun Bi loses her temper and the coach mentions Dong Joo plastic surgery in a funny manner. She defends herself saying is an architectural, not plastic surgery.

Eun Bi is asked to clean up the gym room. She overhers a conversation of Chi Soo talking to his friends. His friend are asking for advice how to reject a girl who doesn’t look pretty at all. He tells his friends if you cannot find something nice on the person face, you can say, “your mole here is pretty and you will not get it wrong as most moles are cute.” He continues, “If she pauses for 5 seconds, lay a kiss on the forehead, it looks more honest.”

Upon hearing that, Eun Bi gets angry with Chi Soo. She storms off and yells at Chi Soo. She takes off her teacher card and tells him that she will hit him one time at the count of three. She throws the ball at Chi Soo's head and he lands backwards, causing him to be embarrassment. Eun Bi tells him not to mess with her, not even stepping on her shadow. Chi Soo gets up and wants to lay his hand on Eun Bi but he is stop by the man from the plane, who claims that Eun Bi is his wife. The discipline master comes and sends the students back to the class room. The camera then moves backwards and we see the man lying on the floor. The hall monitor sees him and taps on him to wake up. The man asks who that person who looked like white rice cake is and learns that he is, “Cha Chi Soo.”

Eun Bi is taken to the office and she has to face the consequences for hitting Chi Soo. On the other hand, Chi Soo is taken to the hospital and his father comes to see him. They add salt to his wound when they keep emphasizing that he was hit by a ball unintentionally. His father even mentions that he was lucky that he was hit by volleyball instead of a baseball. He asks his father not to fire Eun Bi and not to mention he was hit infront of him.

Eun Bi visits her dad in the ward. They are soon laughing and watching television. Her dad knows that she was fired as a teacher. He tells her to follow her heart and live as what her body tells her instead of using her head all the time. He mentions that she does not fit into a teacher role; she should do things that suit her. "There will be some loss but you will not live your life cowardly just like me.", he says.

So-Yi visits Chi Soo at the hospital and asks him to take her out for lunch but is rejected by him. Coincidentally, Ba Wool bumps onto them when he is visiting Eun Bi's father. Chi Soo meets Eun Bi's dad at the hospital and due to some misunderstanding pushes the older older man, which results in Eun Bi's father falling. thinking that the old man is alright he walks off while Eun Bi's dad really ends up unconscious on the floor without anybody noticing.

While out lunch together, So-yi tells Ba wool that she will be dating both of him and Chi Soo at the same time. Eun Bi is waiting for the lift at the hospital while holding a bowl of ramyun. She bumps into Chi Soo and he thinks that she is going to apologize to him. He pretends that his neck hurts, but Eun Bi is indifferent to him and she walks out of the lift. Chi Soo chases after Eun Bi and demands an apology from her. But Eun Bi refuses and says that Chi Soo should apologize to her instead. Chi Soo doesn't understand why and Eun Bi tells him that he probably lives a life like a prince , not know why. Chi Soo argues with her but at this point, Eun Bi father is rushed into the emergency room. Eun Bi breaks free from Chi Soo leaving him with the packet of ramyun and rushes to look for her father.

The bad news is Eun Bi's her father has passed away. Chi Soo is left holding the packet of ramyun wondering what to do with it. He sees Ba Wool and his gang dressed in black moving towards his direction, walking past him. Chi Soo is bewildered and wonders what is going on. He goes to find Ba Wool and notices the wake of Eun Bi's father. He recognizes the man as the one who had talked to him in the afternoon. Chi Soo goes back to his ward, wondering what to do with the ramyun. He gives the ramyun back to Eun Bi, but is told that it is too late, her father cannot enjoy it now, and that he can throw it away. Chi Soo throws the ramyun away but picks up the plastic bag which shows the address and the direction of the ramyun store.

Eun Bi is alone at the ramyun store as she recalls past memories she had with her father when she was a child. She had been angry at him, because right after her mum died, he opened the shop and cooked ramyun continuously as if nothing happened. She had always thought that her dad placed the ramyun store as the most important, making her resent him and the shop. She misses her dad so much and would like to apologize to him. She imagines her father standing beside her and she hugs him as tears roll down her cheeks. However, when the camera pans out, we see that this is not her father but the man that we saw at the school in the morning. Chi Soo drives to the ramyun store and witness the whole hugging scene.

Eun Bi father told Eun Bi to follow her heart. Even when you lose a little, you don’t live your life cowardly. It means that, Eun Bi real self was overshadowed by her age, her experiences and the reality of life. There was the real Yang Eun Bi that is living inside that shell. He wanted her daughter to be brave and follow her heart. Judging by how she as a teacher hit Chi Soo on the head using a ball for whatever reason is definitely wrong. Therefore, I agree with her father that she should not be a teacher.

He also gave a little lecture to Chi Soo and mentioned that he is empty inside because he grew up eating cold food. This implies that Chi Soo is lack of a human touch in him and he need to taste the ramyun to warm his heart. He wanted to take Chi Soo to the ramyun store but failed to do so, thus he finds it a waste. Chi Soo is a prince who doesn’t know why things happened to him because he is the prince that was so protected. There was this hilarious part when he thought Eun Bi is going to apologized to him but was been totally ignored. He is acting like a spoilt brat who demands apologies from others. His gestures and his facial expression were funny and childish.

Eun Bi's father philosophy of life is simple - Everybody need a bowl of ramyun to warm up that heart and to spur themselves further. Not to forget, the mysterious man that followed Eun Bi to the school and called her wife. I wonder what their relationship is and why did he come here all the way from Japan. What is his purpose?



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