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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 4

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Chi Soo drives off in his car as he recalls what he saw at the ramyun shop: Eun Bi crying alone, resembled another person, his mother who used to cry alone at the bedroom holding a photograph. He makes a u-turn and heads back to the ramyun shop again. However, this time round, he sees Eun Bi holding a man. Chi Soo becomes upset, he turns away, using a handkerchief to wipe his hands before throwing it on the floor. 
The next day, he looks up for Hyun-woo, his good friend and asks him if the intern teacher (Eun Bi) is married. Hyun-woo replies with a no, and to his knowledge she does not even have a boyfriend. Chi Soo persistently asks Hyun-Woo, who the man present at her funeral was and what does he think about the relationship between the two. Hyun-Woo replies, “instead of thinking whether they are in a relationship, don’t you think that he is just comforting her?” Chi Soo parrots in astonishment, “Comfort?”, not understanding.

The next scene brings us back to Eun Bi's home. She is talking to her friend on the phone, assuring her friend that she is fine. She was told to go to the principal office and write a report about that incident. So she prepares and gets ready to go to school, just as she is about the leave she sees another toothbrush in the washroom. 
At the same time Chi Soo is getting ready to go to school as well. He dresses and puts on some cologne. In the living room, Chi Soo's dad is discussing some business plan with his assistant when Chi Soo interrupts, asking, “by any chance, do you know something about comforting others? For example, when somebody has passed away?” His father's assistant suggests, “you can give money or flowers.” Chi Soo further asks, “Is there something warmer such as an action or words?” And the reply he gets is, “You can doubled the money and give more flowers.” Satisfied with the answer, Chi Soo heads to school.

Eun Bi steps out of the house, not noticing somebody was sleeping under the stairs. Once at the doorstep, she finds a sock and she smells it, feeling nostalgic as she thinks that it belonged to her father and heads out. When she leaves, the owner of the sock, who was sleeping at Eun Bi house wakes from his sleep and looks at a photograph of Eun Bi. Once outside, Eun Bi finds a handkerchief (the one that Chi Soo threw).

Chi Soo walks out from the office  and uses his handkerchief to wipe off the side of the lips of the manager, saying that her lips were stained and walks away after that. Meanwhile Eun Bi holds the sock and handkercief in each of her hans in deep thought.  

Eun Bi is at a café preparing herself to apologize to Chi Soo. Just as she places the intern badge she sees So Yi who apologizes to Eun Bi on Chi Soo behalf. Eun Bi does not understand why she needs to apologize to her. Rather Eun Bi feels thatd So Yi should apologize to Ba Wool for hurting him instead. Both of them start off on the wrong foot, which ends up with So Yi ended up asking Eun Bi to apologize to Chi Soo politely.
In the classroom, Chi Soo asks Hyun Woo to write the word - condolence - on the letter. After that he seals off the envelope happily and heads to look for Eun Bi. Meanwhile, Eun Bi is at the principal's office where she is coerced to agree the terms of the contract which is to apologize to Chi Soo for embarrassing him. When she leaves, she meets Chi Soo in the corridor. The principal urges Eun Bi to apologize to him, and excuses himself. 
Before Eun Bi can open her mouth to apologize, Chi Soo shoves her the envelope. When Eun Bi opens the envelope, she is shocked to see so much money. She asks Chi Soo what is this and he replies, “Condolence money, well think of it as employee benefit since your dad died so you keep the money.” Eun Bi returns the envelope to Chi Soo, which puzzles him as he thought he was comforting her. He mistakenly thinks that she thinks the money is not enought and offers her more money. This greatly displeases and insults Eun Bi. 
She tosses the money in the air and slaps Chi Soo in the face with the envelope. By this time there is a crowd gathered around the corridor. She tells Chi Soo that he should have used the term "passed away" to describe the decrease instead of "died". She storms off, but Chi Soo stops her demanding that she apologize or else she will be fired. Not to be threatened by Chi Soo, Eun Bi takes off the intern badge and says she will not be fired, she will quit. Not understanding why his good intention was rejected, Chi Soo demands to know what had he done wrong to be hit by her. Eun Bi approaches him and says, “Do you think I am going to tell you the reason? You will die with curiosity, since you do not even know what is right and wrong”.
Satisfied, she walks off but suddenly turns around and points at Chi Soo, “You stink – the mole attached to your face.” (referring to the black ink on his face). She steps out the school gates feeling very cool teaching the "brat" a lesson. But her happiness is short lived as reality starts to sink in: she lost her job, how is she going to support herself from now on? She confides in Dong Joo over some chicken feet and Dong Joo rubs the salt into Eun Bi's wound by telling her she should have apologized properly at the first place. Now that she has quit (fired), she will not be accepted by other schools. Chi Soo's dad is relieved to be told that the scar will heal after some treatment. He tells Chi Soo that scars left by a woman can last forever. By now, Chi Soo is fuming and still sore from the incident incident, wanting revenge.

Eun Bi tries looking for a job as a tuition teacher, so she starts to paste advertisements all over the street discreetly. She gets a phone call from Chi Soo's dad inviting her to his house. Eun Bi is surprised at the offer to return to school and he will just say to Chi Soo that she had apologized. Eun Bi declines the offer as she thinks that Chi Soo wants her to go back fire her personally. She offers to pay for the tea cup that she had accidentally dropped, but is shocked that it cost so much. Chi Soo dad's emphasized that everything in the house can be broken, except Chi Soo.

While in the lift, Eun Bi regrets rejecting the offer from Director Cha, and that she should have accepted the money as compensation too. The lift stops and the two lady employees enter. One of them is holding the handkerchief that Chi Soo gave her in morning. Chi Soo is surprised that Eun Bi had rejected the offer, demanding that his dad think of a way.
The camera zooms out and we see Chi Soo using his handphone in the classroom during lesson time. So Yi is disappointed that she was not selected to go for a competition so she calls Ba Wool. Ba Wool receives the phone call from So Yi just when he is about to burn the pictures of her, but he answers the call anyways. He gets even more angry when So Yi says that she called him to pick her from school because she could not reach Chi Soo, who at this point is driving his car looking for Eun Bi.

Eun Bi is eating instant noodles outside the convenience store when she was confronted by a group of thugs. Chi Soo finding Eun Bi and thinking to "rescue" her, throws a packet of imported cigarettes. The thugs  delighted with the "present", leave Eun Bi alone. Chi Soo is pleased with himself and expects Eun Bi to thank him. However, Eun Bi wonders why he did that and even gives chase, which ends up n her getting chased by the thugs and she finally hops into Chi Soo's car.

Chi Soo wonders why did Eun Bi get herself into trouble when she can end it with a box of cigarettes. Eun Bi tells Chi Soo that high school students should not smoke and it is wrong to give the box of cigarettes to them. She  goes on to tell him that  true condolence comes from the heart, it is not about the money and also he should not fool around with people feelings. That is the reason he got hit. Chi Soo says that so it was Eun Bi the woman that taught him a lesson and not the intern. He leans in close to Eun Bi and tells her that she is trying him out because she saw him as a man. 
However, Eun Bi responds, “You really stink, don’t use the cologne you are wearing and never use those awful pick-up lines again.” He questions Eun Bi about the other guy he saw at the ramyun store that day, asking whether it is because she has a man and she could give up on this job. Eun Bi has no recollection of what he is saying, but she tells Chi Soo that even if there is a man, he is better than a high school student that only smells of perfume. With that she alights the car and Chi Soo drives off frustrated.

Chi Soo goes to meet So Yi, picking her up. He asks So Yi if his cologne smells bad and she says no. When So Yi reaches home, Ba Wool is waiting for her. Eun Bi cannot find the keys to open her home door, it was actually left in Chi Soo's car. Eun Bi is surprised that the door opens and there even food on the table. Thinking that her friend had prepared the food, so called her nly to realise that it was not prepared by her. Her friend warns her not to eat the food but Eun is too hungry to bother anymore, stuffing the food down her throat, not realzing that the food was prepared by her mysterious guest.
Finding the keys in his car, Chi Soo asks Hyun Woo to return it to Eun Bi, but decides to do it himself when Hyun Woo says that he can only do it after work which ends late. After the meal, Eun Bi sleeps soundly, when she gets covered with a blanket by her "guest". It is at this juncture that Chi Soo arrives and sees them. He asks where the intern is and the man replied, “My wife is sleeping.” Chi Soo is in disbelief and says that Eun Bi should better come to her senses or else she will never be a teacher in Korea. The man leans closely to smell Chi Soo and he said, “Pathetic kid, you have no scent, even an onion have a scent. You don’t have a scent of home or a mum scent.” He continues by asking, “Park Chi Soo, do you even eat?” Chi Soo is angry and emphasizes that his name is CHA Chi Soo, not Park Chi Soo.

A funny episode which relates to the theme: The scent of a man. A clever illusration of an onion to a man with no scent (Chi Soo). I pitied Chi Soo in this episode because he is empty inside his heart. He does not have family warmth. It was so surprising that Director Cha uses the office as their home. Imagine your living room is a place to work and have meetings with your subordinates? It was ridiculous. Eun Bi as usual rocks! She dares to follow her heart and her principles of right and wrong. She did not bow down to pressure although we know that she was struggling in her heart to just apologize to a brat to secure her job. Even when Director Cha uses money and benefits to make her accept the offer but she rejected the offer.

Director Cha is a loving father when he mentioned that everything can break except Chi Soo. I can understand that he wanted to protect his son but he does not understand that his method is wrong. He never gave a personal touch in Chi Soo life. That is why Chi Soo is empty inside. He had “no scent” as a person. He does not even know how to express his thoughts and feelings or should I say he never come across “feelings” as in really understand how he or others feels. Especially the incident about the condolence which he sincerely wanted to express to Eun Bi but it turned out differently as his action and words only added fury to her.

It was interesting that Chi Soo had to ask the employees in the company and director Cha what to do in this type of situation when he wanted to send his condolence to Eun Bi and the reply that the employee gave. Everything is about money and nothing comes from the heart.

So Yi is still stepping on two boats at a time. He still hangs on to both guys which make me kind of frustrated. Can’t she treasure Bu Wool who treated her so much better that Chi Soo?

Last but not least, is the man really Eun Bi husband?


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