Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 5

The alarm clock rings and Eun Bi wakes up from her sleep. She heads downstairs to grab a drink when the man in her house comes out of the bathroom, asking her, “Doesn’t your house have any towel?”

She nonchalantly replies him, “First drawer in the master bedroom.” It soon dawns on her that it is a male voice. Surprised, she whirls around to see who the voice belongs to, only yo be greet by a half-naked an. Eun Bi demands to know who he is and he replies that he is disappointed that she had not realized he was living in the same house as her the past couple of days. Shocked, Eun Bi wonders how did the man manage to enter her home, thinking him to be a stalker.

Disappointed at her reaction, the man changes the subject and starts talking about the texture and aroma of the towel, declaring, "This smells just like me. It smells so nice." Soon he lies down on the floor preoccupied with himself.

Eun Bi soon learns that he is a friend of her father, and that her father had drawn up a will leaving the ramyun shop and Eun Bi to him. She notices the smashed onion and asks him what happened. He tells her that Chi Soo came the night before emphasizing that his name is not ordinary and his relaition the the great Cha enterprise. The man calls him "Mr Onion". Eun Bi is shocked in disbelief that her father had entrusted her and the shop to this man she hardly knows. She also asks him if anything happened the night her father passed away, but the man does not give a direct answer, frustrating her.

Meanwhile, Chi Soo is having a bet with is friends, boosting of his ability to hold his breath for a long time under water. He suddenly emerges out of the water when he recalls the past events with Eun Bi, feeling suffocating and struggling to get out of the pool. He gets saved from drowning by his friends instead of winning the bet.Although rescued by his friend, Chi Soo keeps complaining that someone is stepping on his chest, puzzling his friends.

Soon after he startling discovery, Eun Bi meets up with Dong Joo and pours out her grievances, requesting to stay at Dong Joo's place. However, Dong Joo rejects her request saying that she is getting married soon so she would not be able to accommodate Eun Bi.

After a singing session, Chi Soo wakes up from a dream of getting beaten up by Eun Bi. His condition worries his father and his father makes sure that Chi Soo stays home and take his medication.

Defeated, Eun Bi heads back to the ramyun shop and sample the delicious noodles made by Kang Hyuk, the mystery man in her home. Eun Bi has the dilemma of decided whether to sell the ramyun shop or continue with the shop.

Ba Wool and So Yi head to the the ramyun shop together to eat but to his dismay nobody is at the shop. So Yi gives Ba Wool a kiss on the cheek and goes for her class. The kiss makes Ba wool so haapy that he does a little cute dance. Unbeknownst to him, Eun Bi is watching him dance and is startled by her. They end up having a talk where Eun Bi discusses about going back to school to teach and Ba Wool proclaiming his admiration for her being so cool for standing up to Chi Soo.

Feeling trapped at home and not being able to leave home, Chi Soo tries to escape from his father by posing a cleaner. He succeeds and so he heads to look for Eun Bi at the ramyun shop, but she is not there. Eun Bi is at the netball court when Chi Soo finds her. He almost gets hit by her ball. As he stands there watching Eun Bi serve up the balls, he starts to get mesmerized by her while she reminces about the days she was in the netball team and tossed the ball towards her father's direction, which got her team to lose to their rivals; her team mates blamed her for their loss.

Chi Soo catches up with her as she leaves the court, complaining to her about the misery she had caused him and the damage she had done. She places her hand on his chest and apologizes for hurting him so badly, exclaiming that she does not deserve to be a teacher. Her declaration shocks Chi Soo as she places her intern card in his hands and leaves.

Back home,  Eun Bi starts to prepare for a short trip. On her wait to the train station, she suddenly has a stomach ache so she heads to the pharmacy to get some medication. By the time she boards the train, she is surprised that Kang Hyuk is there as well. He explains that after his mother had passed away, her father took him in and introduced him to the ramyun that rejuvenated his life; from a kid who used to sleep all day after his mother's passing.

Eun Bi is moed by what he says and eventually decides to keep the ramyun shop, deciding that they would work together to manage the shop. She takes out her medication and is able to consume it when Chi Soo suddenly appears and snatches it away, thinking that Eun Bi wants to poison herself and commit suicide. When Kang Hyuk tries to stop him, he  gets punched instead.


As always, this drama keeps me entertained till the end, it was interesting to see how great Eun Bi had affected Chi Soo and he became diagnosed with anger management. He is so funny when he tried to confront the issue with Eun Bi. He is both childish and cute at the same time. In this episode, we see that Eun Bi was confused about keeping the ramyun shop or to sell it off. She needs to make a decision and she portrayed as person with strong character. I like the interaction between Eun Bi and Ba Wool. They are like brother and sister. Especially the cute dance that they did, it was so cute.

Kang Hyuk on the other hand explained where he comes from, how he knows her father and his intention in this episode. The mystery has been solved and now we can expect to know more about him in future episodes. 
Last but not least, the part about Chi Soo thinking that Eun Bi wanting to kill herself was so hilarious. It showed that he did not think before he acted.


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